Accelerating muscle maturity?


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Is there anything you can take or any way to accelerate muscle maturity? I know this is a major factor in competition, being the reason some young bodybuilders with good genetics still cannot compete with the older more experienced bodybuilders.

Would high volume training, or more frequent (bodyparts twice a week) accelerate this at all?
Some of the young pro's like Art Atwood and Jay Cutler, even since they were in their early 20's had good muscle maturity. Think they took GH that early? Well im glad Golfer is on it, we can check out his results when he is done :D
He posted a very good thread on GH!! Read it carefully and you will see how his body and the muscles transformed dramatically.
That is a very interesting thought Toopowerful!

I have noticed that as well, were still young bucks I guess the only way is doing growth. Jay Cutler has done growth for awhile now that's the only way he can hang with the verterans at his young age.

I was thinking of doing some growth maybe in a year or two. How old are you bro?
don't forget that jay started training at the age of 14...add the genetics,HGH,steroids,training,recuperation,etc and voila...TIME is the only true factor in which it enhances muscle maturity...after that beleive it or not is a consistent diet which aids in maintaining or adding LBM...
I think it's a process, over years cant be replaced.
GH is good i heard but i'd save it for later..