Achilles tendon/ankle


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Ive smashed my Achilles tendon at work about a week ago, i have a hard time making myself walk without out a limp, and even worse...i cant do squats!!

i can get my foot perpendicular to my leg. i cant pull pull up on my foot any higher with out it hurting, and i cant extend my foot past 45 degrees with out it hurting. the Achilles tendon is slightly swollen(not much) and a little red.

when i do move it...i can almost hear/feel something inside there sliding/grinding against each other, but I'm not sure what that is cause its not a bone or anything .

i thought it would be better in a few days, but after a week, its no even a little better at all, maybe even a little worse.

is there anything i can do to help it heal faster? hot/cold packs?

or just off some time for it to rest?