Acne at a weird time


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It's been a while since I posted anything and I've got a good amount of cycles under my belt. I got off a 16wk cycle(nothing major just some Sustanon (sust) and Winstrol (winny) at the end) in August and everything went good, except for around week 13 i got some gyno. No big deal I used some of my nolva for like 4 days and it disappeared. When I finished I did the normal 21 or so days of post cycle therapy (pct) and everything went smooth. About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend said, whats wrong with your nipple? I looked at it and it was all puffy and when I touched it, it was sore as hell. This was the worst gyno I ever had and I didn't even notice it yet, like it came up in a day or two. So i ordered more nolva and treated it for like a week/ a week and a half and it went away. Now my body is all fucked up. I exploded in acne and have experianced rapid receeding hairline loss. The hairline is in the family and sometimes when i take dbol, it thins out a little and recovers later. This has all happened in about 2 weeks. Back acne and shoulder acne worse than any cycle I've done and hair loss. It's obviously from the nolva but what should i do. Thanks guys
I had the same thing last cycle somewhat, run PCT, and then after a week or two with post cycle therapy (pct) over I break out like a fuck. Best option is to hit up a derm for the acne, don't wait aroun until it gets worse cause it'll just take longer to clear up.
I take b5 panethoic acid and johnson and johnson clean and clean(which is the same as proactiv scrub) and it's still not working so well.
Vitamin A at a dose of 25,000 iu a day is supposed to work miracles. Ill try to dig up the article.