advice aprreciated [TREN]


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ok here it is, i am 20 years old, expiereinced in both proper training and nutrition, have already achieved great strength and appearance all according to goals that i had set previously. anyhow, i have started my first cycle which is a TREN only cylce, i chose trenbelone after alot of looking into and research for its appealing characteristics, any how, i am 3 injections in to my cylce
one cc monday
half a cc wednesday
half on friday, and then to one cc on monday again
i notice on the forums, dosages are measured in miligrams, i just want to make sure that i am using my product correctly and efficiently any input would be awesome.
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Not a very wise choice for a first cycle my friend.

Is it Tren enthanate or Tren acetate ?

How many mg/cc is it ?

Why are you changing your dosages from day to day ?

Why Mon, Wed, Fri ? need to inject every other day (EOD), if not ED if it's acetate.
Whoa man you need to back up a little. This might hurt a little, but it's the truth lol...

You said you did a lot of research, that can't possibly true because:
1) Your too young to cycle,
2) If you are going to cycle, you should be doing a testosterone only 1st cycle and
3) You aren't even sure if your using it correctly - and you've already started!!! That's bad.

You say you chose tren because of it's characteristcs? It's one of the most potent steroids with the possibility of some of the worst side effects. Its known to be very harsh on the hairline, harsh with acne and has been know to shut people down really hard, especially at higher doses or when it has been run by itself.

I personally say end the cycle now and run a proper Test-only cycle.

I have no clue why you are changing the doses. They normally stay constant, and the injection frequency depends on what type of tren it is.