Advice on starting bodybuilding


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Hello, I'm 18 and recently joined the military and I am starting weight lifting in my spare time, approximately 1-1.5 hours a day is possible. I'm mostly new to bodybuilding and would like some advice on meeting my goals.

Current Goals
-Maintain a weight of 180-200lbs, some muscle size increase, mostly toning.
-Particularly increased arm, shoulder, calf size. (More striking body shape i guess)
-Increased running/cardiovascular endurance.

-Height 5'9'', Weight 186lb, waist 32, chest 44, bicep 15, neck 16.5 (all inches)
-Body mass index 17

Any training tips or tips in general would be appreciated.
don't be too enthusiastic to try every workout there is. stick with the basic first or you'll be confused and overtrain.
don't overtrain
give a long period of time before changing workouts...add/remove what works and what's not in the long run.
don't mind about the weights...throw your ego out of the gym...stick with strict form then worry about the weights later.
eat eat and eat..but know what you're eating.
sleep sleep sleep..people don't get rested enough. at least 8 hours...12-15 hours if you!
learn learn learn.
don't worry if you get fat as long as you're gonna do something about it