ALA + Fatty meals = FAT gains!


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Well.......does it. If ALA mimics insulin as a glucose disposal agent, then it would be reasonable to assume that ALA (acting like insulin) will drive dietary fat into your aft cells as well. No?

Point is: be sure your high-carb-intake-with-ALA meals don't inculde fat (they really shouldn't anyway because this in and of itself will make you fat).

What do you bro's think?
Kind of like you bro's that are taking should NOT be taking dietary fat in for about 6 hours post slin shot (and 2 hours pre-slin shot for that matter).
It does not work exactly the same way slin does - but yes if you eat alot of fat and carbs you will get fat

nautica said:
It does not work exactly the same way slin does - but yes if you eat alot of fat and carbs you will get fat


Hey, what's happening Nautica.

I am NOT saying that it acts exactly like slin, but it DOES increase insulin sensitivity thereby making it a NO-NO to eat fats with ALA.

I began this thread because I read posts al the time in which people say that they pig out and take some ala with theie "cheat meal" and think the ALA will help them when in fact it may do them worse!
LOL....nah, I was just thinking about ALA because I read a ridiculous thread about some bro who pigs out along with ALA and he says it helps him "get away" with having a cheat day every other day. WTF??? I don't buy it.
Well I can't quote it chapter and verse but my understanding is that just saying ALA increases insulin senstivity may be an oversimplification. As I understand it, ALA increases the number of "glut transporters" or something like that, which means that its insulin like effects are specific to carbohydrates. Thus, I believe that ALA does not increase the body's ability to store fat or synthesize protein.

I know Fonz has posted on this topic on other boards and I would probably do a search of Nandi and/or Jguns's posts on CEM for balance.
ALA is supposed to increase the number of glut-4 receptors on muscle cell walls only. Therefore it should increase the amount of glucose going into muscle instead of fat. This will also lower blood sugar, which makes fat burning for energy more likely.

I don't know about getting away with bad diets, but I noticed fat loss taking around 1500mg/ED. It seems to help a lot when taken before a meal high in simple carbs. I stopped for a while and put some fat on, so I'm starting it up again.

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Increased insulin sensitivity means that your body requires less insulin to be produced not the oposite.