Any recommendations for Stim-free appetite suppressants?


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Looking for pretty much anything that can suppress appetite, not particularly fat or anything, but I have a deviant sugar tooth that's especially bad first thing in the morning, just quit smoking, and can't drink coffee (for anxiety reasons); pretty much anything stimulating is out. I'd even settle for a no-stim thermogenic.

I have a pretty decent high fiber diet going and am planning on doing some juice fasts as well (eventually working towards 2 weeks as I've only done them daily). Not particularly worried about catabolism either, trying to see if I could tap back into my old metabolism if I could finally break the 176lb barrier I've been stuck at for the last year.

I gained about 20lbs in 20 days working in camp, and packed on a serious amount of dormant muscle in that time, hopefully I can find something to help me curb my cravings (I'd like to cut back down to <176 with as minimal muscle loss as possible, ideally targeting fat), supplement or steroid-level.

I don't recall knowing about anything that tapers ghrelin much like an amphetamine would (I've used many across the board while weight lifting for pretty awesome results, but much more difficult finding one that's not stimulating).
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