For an absolute beginner to working out, which steroid should I use


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Here's a little bit of my background so you have all details...please read it, I am desperate for help.

I am 24, skinny-fat, and feel like I am genetically cursed with stomach fat that I can't get rid of, even when I was active as a young kid. I started reading a TON of books(Starting Strength, Overcoming Gravity, Nutritional articles, Chris Aceto's Championship Bodybuilding, Pewter system, Nutritional books) to the point that despite having poor diet and not ever actually working out, I knew more about nutrition and working out than most personal trainers, because I wanted to know AS MUCH as possible. I now know about muscle fibers, can name different parts of the muscle, I know 8-12 reps is ideal for mass, the best workouts for each body part, etc.

I've never really worked out for long ever, not even walking much, just playing video games and watching anime. I tried Muay Thai but had DOMS for over a week and a half before I could work out again. I'm not very flexible, and pretty much totally weak.

I read online that you can't build muscle and lose fat simultaneously so I decided to try to do one as quickly and efficiently as possible: I started with losing fat. I had read that water fasting is the fastest way to lose fat, so I didn't eat for 14 days and lost some belly fat, although I also lost some muscle(not that I had much) and water weight. I had done a fast before and it worked and I didn't regain the weight back. I went from 85 kg to 77 kg during the fast, I expect to gain around 4-5 kg back in glycogen and water weight, but this is where I'm at now, having just completed the water fast.

I couldn't work out at all during the water fast, but now that it's over I'm looking for the fastest way to put on muscle while also continuing to reduce belly fat. I ended up going to the local gym and they recommended I try Dianebol and start resistance training 4x per week. I was also considering an anavar + winsitrol stack...but I want to bulk, not just lose belly fat. If I wanted to JUST lose belly fat, I'd have continued water fasting.

He already got me the dianebol before I could make up my mind, so I need to pay for that now. I am very clumsy with free weights, should I just do the personal trainer's recommendation of dianebol and do the 4-times-per-week routine(biceps and chest, triceps and back, legs, and something else)? I've never taken steroids. As far as diet goes, I know how to eat clean, so I will eat chicken and vegetables mainly and avoid carbs, junk, soda, etc. Also my metabolism is very slow, my BMR is only 1700 according to a test I took, so if I eat too many calories I get fat.

Also, I'm having liposuction done in 2 days to get rid of excess body fat, thinking of starting the dianebol cycle in about 5 days, 3 days to recover from liposuction. This also allows me to start bulking without the need to cut first, right? The doctor told me it's impossible to get rid of stomach fat like love handles through exercise and diet alone, and I need to do the surgery.View attachment 567404View attachment 567405View attachment 567406

So my questions

1. Do I need to worry much about consuming enough protein on dianebol?
2. If I am not good at working out and have poor form and poor joint/tendon strength and I'm trying to bulk on dianebol, is this bad?
3. Can I use dianebol while 'Cutting' eating at a small daily caloric intake of around 800 calories?
4. Should I just sell the dianebol and get anadrol or some kind of cutting steroid instead of bulking since I'm not a hardgainer and I am not that small? The guy said he already got the dianebol so I need to pay for it but haven't yet
5. Should I do any cardio?
6. Can I import PCCT's into America(I'm in Thailand now but going back to U.S soon)

It's really stressing me out. I feel like I'm being pulled in 10 directions, whether to go with Starting Strength and do it on my own, get a personal trainer, use dianebol, don't use dianebol, or skip it and fast again until my stomach fat is gone, I don't know what to do.

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Before water fast photo is brown pants, after is red pants. I measured my muscle/fat loss with bioimpedence scale before/after. And before you say I might get de-motivated and quit, I've got adderall to help me maintain motivation and keep at it in terms of diet and exercise.
Welcome and you should not use any steroids. focus on your diet and training, contact 3j here to get free advice.
Please for the love of god (and your own health) dont listen to that idiot selling you stuff...he's only selling you stuff... Dont pay for it...tell him he's an idiot and you know better... Even ignoring everyones advice you still wouldn't need the dbol...
Oral cycles are for women and taking just dbol will spike your estrogen and possible grow you tits but most definitely make you an emotional wreck and bloat you up like the Michelin man....
You also have way way to much bodyfat to start any type of cycle AT ALL...

To rule out if you "can or cant grow naturally", you will need to get blood work, get testosterone and female panel, so you know your values. Super important and a requirement to get and have before even considering a cycle of any kind.....

You are still just bit young and should have lots of natural testosterone floating around. Cycling in the next 2 years will ruin that. Most likely its your diet and training.
My advice is the same as Miltons, check out the free sticky guide by 3J and if you can afford it... Hire him for 3 months, it'll be your foundation going forward the coming years.
Then workout regularly... at least 4 times per week for 60-90 minutes. 3J can also help with a workout program along with your diet needs.

Do this for at least a year, preferably 2 years and when you've squeezed out lots of virgin muscle and got your diet nailed down to a tee...then and only then should you consider doing a cycle...
Also if you can afford it, get a personal trainer... Proper form is not only important for gains but super important for avoiding injuries, joint/tendon problems and just a general wise decision.
It will also teach you different exercises and the do's and dont's. Dont be afraid to switch PT if you dont feel comfortable or feel he lacks knowledge. Its a "trust relationship".

Really good decision coming here and asking because you are all over the place and have had way to many people giving you bad and even straight out dangerous advice.
You need to start over basically, forget everything you currently know...
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To SteroidAnomaly:
Listen to Santa666 ~ you have NO BASE ~ you aren't ready for any AAS.

They AREN'T FAT BURNERS ~ they Increase Protein Synthesis !!!

After you get your Liposuction, then you need to get your Diet Dialed-in, and a Good Training Regiment.
If you don't have a Good Trainer where you are.
Then contact 3J, and they can Hook you up.

Not trying to Beat you Down, just giving you the Honest Facts.............................. JP
Wow, where to start....

This may not be what you want to hear, but you should hear it none the less. All you need to do is start eating right and exercising. When I say eating right, forget about any fasting or diets. Just eat high protein, high fat, low carb.

For exercising, just walking around the block would be a start. Get into some beginner conditioning class and start with twice a week. You'll be sore for three or four days, so won't be able to do more than that. Over just a few weeks the soreness will reduce and you can scale up to two, then three times per week. Honestly you are so weak and out of shape that it will take time to scale up, so don't rush it too much. For you losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time will be easy, later on it becomes hard then once you are fit almost impossible.

It would be a major mistake for you to think about any kind of steroids, you have so many easy gains to be made without and so little knowledge. If you go down that road you will end up worse off than now, and that's really something.

Find a conditioning class and start there. Over time add in weight lifting. You would likely get scared off if you don't have the right attitude, but consider crossfit. You can do it at all levels, and I promise if you actually make the effort it will work wonders for you.
Imo, you are to young for steroids. I would try working out cause it doesnt look like you do much of anything, sorry no offense. You clearly need to get your diet in check, macros counted etc, if you wanna lose that belly, sprint cardio and weights my man!!! gl
Im not an expert i have only tried an anavar only cycle and i think i got emotionally fucked up and i know that dbol or any anabolic steroid will really get you in worse shape if you don't know how to work out in a proper way.
I think that its just wise to begin to train and especially EAT properly for at least 6 months before you can start blaming your genes.
If you don't succeed with the anabolics your psykologi after will be a lot worse.
Anabolics are not a permanent solution unless your thinking about keep taking them for the rest of your life.