Anyone ever had a better 2nd cycle compared to the 1st?


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I finished my 10 week cycle of 300mgs deca and 400mgs test. I only gained 15 pounds which is less than I expected. I can't complain because I came back home from my first year of graduate school and everyone was like, "Damn, you been working out?" That's a great feeling. I am already looking forward to my next cycle. Anyone else have a less than spectacular first cycle? Any suggestions on my next cycle? I was thinking dbol/eq/test. Not sure about dosages though. I am 5'10", 215 lbs., at about 12% bf. Thanks.
why does everyone want 25lbs per cycle. In my opinion if you gain 25lbs you are going to fluctuate weight alot. you just can't maintain it constantly. If i can get 10 good lbs out of a cylce i am thrilled. 15, and i don't think it will maintain well. This cycle I actually lost weight and look much better. But to answer your question, yes you can have better second cycles than firsts. Usually you will need more gear, but if your training is better and you eat more you should be able to gain more weight. But that being said your training and diete should have been on to start with. Personlly weight gain does not necessarily make a great cycle, but sure doesn't hurt lol.