Anyone try this stuff??

its seems like pro-hormone

I think pro hormone it's for those people that get scared about thinking of using steroids, I think it's thats to people that like to lie for himself

because a shit like that would be effective just in a high dosage, and the " evil" effects like those we get in steroids will be almost the same
I did a bottle of dermaject about five months ago. The directions say that you must rub the product right onto the body part that your going to work out that day. You do this about an hour before going to the gym. I was going through a great growth phase at the time where I went from 168 to over 200lbs. Even if it was a placebo affect, my strenght went up very quickly. I swore by it at the time because I broke through to new levels of strength while using it. I did not loose any of those gains once I was out of the stuff either.
Oh one other thing, my nuts strunk just a little while using it also. They are back to normal now, just FYI.