Aromasin back on the shelves!

The Cat

Exemestane, also known as Aromasin, is back in stock! Aromasin a aromatase inhibitor, meaning that it lowers estrogen production in the body by blocking the aromatase enzyme, the enzyme responsible for estrogen synthesization. This compound was developed to fight breast cancer in post-menopausal women, who need quite an aggressive therapy, and for whom first line defenses such as SERMS (Tamoxifen) have not worked. We can see that this compound is pretty strong, or at least stronger than some of the other compounds which are used to fight breast cancer. Aromasisn averages an 85% rate of estrogen suppression, making it a very effective agent for bodybuilders and other athletes wanting to avoid estrogen related side effects such as gyno, acne, or water-retention brought on by aromatizing steroids. Specifically, Aromasin does this by selectively inhibiting aromatase activity in a time-dependent and irreversible manner. As with most of the compounds in this class, it also causes a reasonable rise in testosterone levels. Exemestane (Aromasin) is very effective at both lowering estrogen (estradiol) and raising testosterone. We have it available for you upcoming (hopefully not current cycles, as you should have already purchased this if your running a cycle :) )

Here it is: