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Okay guys I know this is probably baby food for you guys, but this would be my 1st attempt in taking something other that Creatine.

I want to start taking Animal M Stak for its recommended 21 days cycle. Again, I know this is nothing compare to what you guys take, but I’m not ready or sure yet about using the other stuff (especially if I have to inject it).

Anyway, my question is after my 21 days do I need to take something in between the cycle? And how long do I stay off before starting again.

I’m also planning on taking Uni Liver.

I presently take Creatine, Protein, Multi-Vit, extra C, extra E, Omega 3.
I'm 5'11" and 207lbs.


Don't waste your money, seriously. Andro is shit. You will get all the sides associated with juice without any gains. Your better of running some anavar or something safe like that.