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First of all I would like to say thank you so much for all of our clients support over the last 6 years with their help we have earned one of, if not the best reputation in the concierge TRT/HRT space. We pride ourselves in our knowledge on mens health and take every step possible to ensure our clients get the most up to date information and programs and we are happy to say many of our clients have told us we have changed their lives forever.

This year we had a little trouble with shipping times for the first time ever and now some clients have had to wait up to 30 days and like them we find this unacceptable. We cannot express how sorry we are that it happened and can assure you we took every measure within our power to stop this from happening.

Like our clients we have had enough and we are very happy to announce over the last two weeks Todd has been working from morning until night to forge new relationships in order to ensure this will never happen again.

Over the last two weeks we have started switching clients over to the new network and we are happy to announce we have shipping times down to 72 hours. We have also made the network as big as possible so we have more options than ever before and will be offering a much more robust product lineup so those with special TRT needs can get the exact formulation they need prepared for them specifically.

The new process is a little different but its actually easier, more efficient and more hands on. Patients will now be required to have two virtual health consultations per year with your physician along with lab work twice a year instead of once. You will also now have the option to make requests for extra virtual health consultations if you would like. You must also keep a current physical at least once per year.

So if your getting close to refill time get with me (Todd) as soon as possible and I will get you squared away with your appointment with the physician. It should only take 10 minutes unless you have questions then you can take as long as you need to get your questions answered. If your still waiting on a program please get with Todd so we can rectify this issue immediately.

This is an amazing opportunity for IMT and its clients, we have always had the knowledge to bring you the safest and most effective TRT for 6 years, now we have some of the best TRT physicians in the country and the #1 pharmacy network as a supporting staff!!!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to ask questions, I will be letting the steroidology staff know that we request this be a 100% open thread.

Again thank you IMT clients, Steroidology staff and every one of our followers for getting us to this point in our history and we look forward to taking concierge testosterone replacement to new heights with you!!
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This all sounds great, but how do you suggest I get in contact with you and what are your plans to improve communication with your customers?

I placed an order on 2/9, and still have yet to receive my full order. You also haven't responded to email in over two weeks and you don't return calls.

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Sorry I have been busy setting up the new network and hardwiring the process to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. I literally worked from when I woke up until I went to sleep for 2 weeks, but we are rolling now :)

Your scenario of receiving a partial request and not being able to get the rest to you in a timely fashion is the exact reason we did what we did. Please understand this a HUGE deal. We have used the same network for 6 years. So for us to be switching is major move. Something we will probably only ever do once.

I have contacted the old medical network at least 15 times on your situation. I know your situation specifically because fortunately you are one of the few that happened to (one other client). So we just got to a point where we threw our hands up and are rectifying the issue immediately. If you want to switch to the new network let me know and we can chat and set everything up. Once you have your Virtual Health Consultation your program will ship within 72 hours.

So the main difference between before and now is before I had to go through someone else to get issues resolved, now I do not and can hold affiliates in the new network accountable.

I hope this makes sense and we can make it up to you.


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*****this is not a customer complaint center talk to the reps directly*******
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