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A copy of Austinite's supplementation. The 3 essential for on-cycle were Vitamin B12, NAC, and Vitamin C and the rest are other options one can decide to supplement with.

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So let's get started with amino acids:

You've heard it before. Amino Acids are the "Building Block" of protein. There are 2 types of amino acids. Essential, and nonessential. Essential means that we need to include these in our diets because they can't be produced via metabolism. Nonessential refers to amino acids that can be produced from your diet. I supplement both and we'll discuss only the ones I use/prefer below since those are the ones I've experienced.


AMINO ACIDS (essential):

This is the one that you've probably heard of most. It's the amino acid found in tons of pre-workouts and widely marketed. L-Arginine is most certainly one of my favorites. This amino acid is one of your immune systems best friends, as it regulates the activity of your Thymus gland (which makes T cells that are used by your immune system).

Arginine will also increase your blood vessel circumference and therefore influencing muscle synthesis. Even at non-ideal body fat, you may notice increased vascularity in your leaner body parts. How about an increase in growth hormone? Thanks to member anabolicdoc for pointing us to the study:

While Lysine can be found in common foods such as eggs, cheese, fish, milk, red meat and potatoes, it's important for us to supplement because of our strict diets and lifestyles. Without enough Lysine, you could experience issues like concentration problems, irritability, lack of energy, poor appetite and a host of other concerns. Lysine will aid in muscle tissue development and can even help speed up recovery from minor injury. Lysine is a must pre workout for me. It's quite underrated and far more effective than some other widely marketed Amino's. Remember, marketing companies milk the heck out of anything that creates a "Buzz" for many years, and once people become accustomed to the name, they keep pushing it because it's all people recognize.

Detoxify! Methionine will rid your body of heavy metals and increases muscle strength. Sounds great, right? But wait! There's more! If you buy in the next ten minutes I'll throw in a fat break-down compound! That's right, Methionine will help break down fat, crucial for build up that might hinder flow to your brain, heart and kidneys. For those of you who fear L-Carnitine due to a recent article linking it to heart disease by conversion to TMAO, this might be a good alternative.

This one is required in order to produce vitamin B3. In a bad mood? This one is for you. You've heard of serotonin, right? That's what you'll get from supplementing Tryptophan as it produces serotonin. This is great for the betterment of your mood and even sleep. So, depression... Check! Insomnia... Check!

A few more benefits that are noteworthy: Tryptophan promotes the release of growth hormone, helps with headaches and your heart will love you for it.

Warning: I've experienced extremely vivid nightmares when consuming high doses of Tryptophan prior to bed-time. Reducing the dose before bed aided in sleep and virtually eliminated nightmares.

AMINO ACIDS (nonessential):

Step aside, Arginine, I think I may have found a new best friend!

Citrulline actually converts to Arginine, but it's absorbed better in high doses, where Arginine is not. This does make it superior to Arginine, but certainly not a replacement for it. They actually work well together. While shopping for your favorite amino acids, you will notice many manufacturers that produce a mix of Arginine and Citrulline.

This compound promotes energy. Who wouldn't want to supplement with it?? I'm guessing only those not aware of it! Furthermore, ammonia damages your cells, and Citrulline is your detox. Lastly, if you're looking for a great pump at the gym, this is a must in your pre-workout.

Here's an increasingly popular Amino Acid. Carnitine has been pitched as a fat burner by many supplement manufacturers. There's a good reason for that.

The main reason this amino acid exists is to transport fatty acids through our system. These fatty acids are then burned for energy. Now, in order for Carnitine to do everything that it does, it needs to be powered by something. Some sort of fuel if you will. Well, Carnitine chooses fat as its energy source. This is why doses beyond RDA (required daily allowance) are very effective in a fat-loss diet. It's working, even when you're not working out. Please don't mistake this for being able to shed fat while sitting on the couch for days on end!

Carnitine has been proven in legitimate studies to reduce the risk of heart disease. Mainly from conditions such as weak/improper fat metabolism, commonly found in diabetics and anyone with cardiovascular disorders.

Our bodies produce Carnitine, but it can only be produced if the you have enough of ALL of the following: B1, iron, Lysine and Methionine.

The fat burning capability of Carnitine is not picky, it burns whatever fat is available. This differentiates itself from Methionine (in the fat burning department) because Methionine targets areas. For example, within organs, such as the liver and other potentially problematic areas.

L-Carnitine can be found or made in injectable form. This would be the most effective, but it's not necessary. "NOW" products lineup includes L-Carnitine in liquid form, which is highly absorbable and comes in 1000mg per dose, or 3000mg per dose. This is the one I use.

Worried about the latest Carnitine study that related it to heart disease? Don't worry. That study was a complete failure with too many flaws. Click here to find out more.

When researching, you'll probably come across both Cystine and Cysteine. Notice the spelling. These 2 are pretty much identical, so either one will do.

Cysteine, when taken with Vitamin E becomes strong in the destruction of free radicals. Good for your skin, liver and brain, too. Speaking of stacking vitamins, B6 would be an ideal stack as well if you're experiencing minor illness.

I initially started using Cysteine when I developed symptoms of arthritis as it's known to be used to treat it. It's also used to treat the hardening of arteries. Amazing so far, huh? You can add to that list the breakdown of mucus, so if you experience any respiratory issues, consider Cysteine daily.

For muscle, it's crucial during recovery. There isn't a time of day that you wouldn't benefit from cysteine. Take it 3 times daily. Your body will love you for it.

Warning: Diabetics should not be using L-Cysteine as it may render inactive insulin.

Hey! Have no fear! L-theanine is here! Feeling anxious, nervous or a bit lethargic maybe? This one is for you. This non-protein amino acid can relax you, relieve some stress, increase your alertness and improve your memory. While I don't really experience anxiety, I started taking this amino acid to relieve stress and see the effects on alertness for me.

This is found in tea. And studies have shown that regular tea drinkers have a higher sense of alertness and are more relaxed than non-tea drinkers. One of several reasons you've heard me recommend tea in the nutrition forums. My experience with L-Theanine has been great.

I'm not going to say that this increased alertness drastically. It did however make a difference. My main concern was relaxation and it certainly works in that department. I use both an oral and transdermal. High doses are thought to bring on headaches, however this was not my experience. As a matter of fact I wasn't able to acheive notable success without high doses. No ill effects whatsoever from an average of 100mg for every hour I'm awake. I recommend you spread this out as much as possible. This is the only amino acid I carry with me at all times. It's in my house, in my car and at the office.

I've seen it. Read a little about it, but mostly ignored it in the past. I finally decided to dive into heavy research on this one very recently. Although a nonessential amino acid, it most certainly became essential for me. (ha, funny me).

Like Theanine, Tyrosine also has mood-regulating properties. Depression can be associated with it's deficiency. This is not one you want to use while bulking, as it can suppress your appetite. If your mood is noticeably enhanced with Tyrosine and you do not want to come off of it, be sure to couple it with a high dose of B12 while bulking. The appetite suppression is not dramatic, but it can aid for those who are below TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and are most likely hungry!

Melanin!! Tyrosine will promote melanin production. Benefits? Proper function of your thyroid gland. Adrenal and pituitary glands, too. So those with hyperthyroidism will certainly benefit. So supplement and eat more avocados and bananas!

Warning: Do not supplement if you are on anti-depressants.


Vitamin B12:

Every member here has probably heard of body builders using B12 as part of their cycle protocols. Even off cycle, it's still being used. The popular delivery method is intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. Another way is using orals or sublinguals. Now, you've probably heard that 1000mcg of oral B12 does not equal 1000mcg injected. This is true, as you won't be utilizing most of the B12 orally. However, while this may be the case for the majority, there are some folks that can absorb orals just fine and have blood work to show for it.

I've experienced both. On cycle, I inject 1000mcg daily. And off cycle I do 1000mcg once a week. The on cycle protocol is not what I recommend for everyone. I am just making you aware of what I do. On or off cycle, 1000mcg weekly will do a great job for you. This was the only method I was able to get my B12 levels up. Orals failed miserably in the past, but please continue reading...

Recently, Vettester mentioned the benefits of Methyl B12 vs the usual Cyan. This was intriguing to me. So a little bit of research and a point in the right direction from kelkel, I purchased Methyl B12 5000 mcg by Jarrow. I discontinued B12 injections for 2 weeks prior to my sublingual experiment. I took one sublingual pill every morning. This takes a VERY long time to dissolve due to it's high concentration. I was feeling better by day 2. But on day 3 is when I noticed something I haven't experienced as much with cyan. Appetite! Cyan always worked in that department, but Methyl made me unbelievably hungry at ALL times. I could eat a full meal, and no later than 20 minutes I am starving again. Because I could not risk gaining more at my current state, I had to discontinue usage. Overall, Methyl is strong, effective and did give me energy and a good overall well being. No bloodwork, just notable effects.

Conclusion: I will continue injections. But when bulking, I will go with Jarrow Methyl B12 5000. I have yet to experience injectable methylcobalamin.


1. Increased Energy.
2. Regenerates Red Blood Cells.
3. Healthy Bone Marrow.
4. Healthy Nervous System.
5. Helps Prevent Anemia.
6. Proper cell function.
7. Necessary for macro-nutrient metabolism (carbs, fats, proteins).
8. Enhances alertness and memory.

Sold yet? Supplement with B12. Always.

Vitamin C:
Most reviews and articles will tell you that 500mg is plenty. I'm telling you that 2 to 3 grams daily is better.

Like B12, vitamin C is also used by our bodies to form red blood cells. It's a good preventative measure for blood clots and protects us from free radicals that could cause serious damage (most important, brain and spinal cord). It helps recovery when your body is under stress, which is why it's important to use post-workout. This is great when stacked with L-Cysteine for an ideal post-workout. Vitamin C also aids in forming adrenaline.

Take it in the morning, at lunch, pre workout, post workout... take it all day. There's more to Vitamin C, but if the above doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.

Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is commonly supplemented as D3. Or D2, the common super-high iu prescription Drisdol.

Put your multi-vitamins aside, they're never enough. D3 should be supplemented at a minimum of 2000iu daily. Most doctors do not understand the importance of Vitamin D. While I was in range (the lower range), I was told that I do not need to supplement. I said I wanted to be in the upper range, or at least half way there, and was told I was being silly. No one needs that. My current endo, who I wouldn't trade for the world today, thinks otherwise. She understands that D is a bone builder, essential for nervous system stability, enhances the absorption of calcium and regulates mineral metabolism.

To quote a great friend of mine, Kelkel: - Got it?

As mentioned before, some bodies utilize it more efficiently than others. My body seems to be extremely weak in that department. My recent bloodwork, while using Drisdol, resulted in incredibly weak results. I've increased my dose from 5,000iu daily, to 10,000iu daily and 2 days a week, I use drisdol at 50,000 iu's. Always with food. I'm excited to see my next panel results.

Vitamin E:
I call this the "Cover Me" vitamin. You know, in a shoot-out, your buddy "covers" you so that you can get across the field without getting shot? This is what Vitamin E does. I'll explain...

First thing, when purchasing Vitamin E, you should purchase Vitamin E Tocopherol (Gamma, Delta, Beta, Alpha).

All of us fitness and nutrition freaks are supplementing with fish oils. We need those Omega's! Well I've got news for you. You're not getting much out of those omegas if you're not taking them with Vitamin E. It protects the EFA's (essential fatty acids), and now... you're really benefiting. Also, L-Cysteine becomes L-Cysteine-on-steroids in the fight against free radicals when coupled with E.

More Benefits of Vitamin E:

1. Increases Fertility (male & female).
2. Can assist in restoration of male potency.
3. Protects Red Blood Cells.
4. Aids with Endurance by Supplying Oxygen.
5. Protects lungs from pollution.

MINERALS (Copper, Magnesium, Zinc):


Here's a considerably underrated mineral. Copper is very important to my supplementation regimen. Well, it is now at least. I've started using copper about a month ago and for good reason. This mineral goes hand in hand with Zinc and Vitamin C. Your copper levels drop when Zinc and Vitamin C are utilized by the body. This is where copper comes in handy. Why is it important to keep your copper levels at their optimal levels? Let's take a look at some benefits:

1. Provides Energy.
2. Enhances Sense of Taste.
3. Enhances skin color.
4. Promotes Bone Formation.
5. Creates Red Blood Cells.
6. Essential for Collagen Formation.

Also, Hyperlipidemia, or "high blood fat" could be the result of copper deficiency. I run this mineral at 2 mg daily. Always with Zinc.

I introduced magnesium to my daily intake several years ago and I'm very happy I did.

PH (Potential Hydrogen) Balance. pH is a measure of how much acid is in the fluids in your body. This balance gives an indication of your general health. Without good balance, quality of life suffers. Longevity clinics can tell you that poor pH could shorten a life-span. Magnesium enhances your pH balance. That is a good enough reason for me, but there's more...

1. Lowers the Chance of Kidney Stones. (ouch!)
2. Can Aid in Lowering Cholesterol.
3. Sleep Aid.
4. Muscle Relaxer.

Good couple: Magnesium & B6.


As mentioned above, Zinc goes well with Copper. You can find a Zinc/Copper mix for easier intake.

There's a reason why you'll find Zinc in OTC flu fighting medicines. It's effective! Quite powerful, actually. Between Zinc and Cialis, prostate gland function will be at it's optimum. Like Copper, it's essential for collagen formation and protein synthesis. A great antioxidant, too.

Here's a bonus for you acne prone folks... Zinc can regulate oil glands. Hence the use in acne treatments.

Lastly, you have to be careful with your dosing. It's not uncommon to take a dose of 100mg daily. However, going over 100 daily could reduce the function of the immune system. I recommend a daily dose of 50mg.

(Tea, Maca)

Green Tea:
Green Tea, or Diet green tea has been in my diet for ages. If I were to list the benefits, I could write a book. So let's keep it simple and look at reasons why I use it:

1. Lowers Total Cholesterol.
2. Increases HDL (good cholesterol)
3. Reduces LDL (bad cholesterol)
4. Enhances fat loss ability by boosting metabolism.

Good couple for fat loss: Green Tea & Caffeine.

I've been using Maca at 2400mg daily for 9 months now. 3 daily doses of 800mg each. Maca root is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. There's your "Multi"! My endo recommended this for better hormone balance. Maca likes to go for the big guns. It stimulates the main glands, or "Master Glands" that regulate all the other glands. Because it enhances the Master Gland function, this results in a good balance in glands like the thyroid, adrenal, and testicular glands.

I recommend a minimum of 1600mg daily. Any testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) patient should most certainly be supplementing with Maca.

Austinite's daily supplement chart:


OMG! How long does it take you to take all of these? Less than a minute if I pre-loaded my bill dispenser. 2 minutes if I go through the bottles. Theres probably a couple that I missed.

Hope you find some of the info useful.


Below you will find some information on supplements that members requested in this thread. I will try to update this section as often as possible as requests come in.


Glutamine is one of many amino acids. This is referred to as the "Brain Fuel". While in the brain, it's converted to Glutamic Acid. This conversion triggers your "intellect". Remember above, when I spoke of pH balance? AKA the level of acidity in fluids of your body? Well here is where Glutamine comes in, as it betters your chances of decent levels of acid and alkaline. You can have this tested at home for as little as $3. Just buy a pH balance kit. It's basically stripped that change color when a stream of urine passes over them. The kits come with a color chart indicating your pH levels. If you're not in a good range, Glutamine will be a great addition.

Another benefit to Glutamine is that it also acts as an "anti-toxin" by converting ammonia to a non-toxic substance. Ammonia can develop when other amino acids break down and release nitrogen. That's why it's important to include it with other amino's. Kind of like Fish oil and vitamin E, they go hand in hand.

Because it's abundant in muscles, it helps to build and retain your lean mass. This is detrimental if you're on a cut. While it can be found in many foods, it's actually destroyed when food is cooked. So ignore glutamine value in cooked foods. This is another reason my diet is heavy with raw spinach. I eat spinach salad(s) daily, which is a good source for Glutamine.

What Glutamine been used for successfully in treatments and as a preventative measure:

1. Autoimmune Disease
2. Potential Muscle Atrophy
3. Arthritis
4. Fibrosis
5. Epilepsy
6. Fatigue
7. Schizophrenia
8. Intestinal Disorders

WARNING: Do not supplement with Glutamine if you have:

~ Cirrhosis of the liver
~ Reye's Syndrome
~ Any issues with your Kidneys
~ High Blood Ammonia (The toxic cleansing properties of Glutamine on Ammonia are in the brain)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10):

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that acts quite similarly to Vitamin E. It does just as good of a job producing energy. CoQ10 is beneficial in many areas, from depression to preventing heart attacks. One of the main reasons that I use it myself (some of you have seen my blood work) is that it can reduce the damage done by your LDL levels (bad cholesterol). Oxidation and blood vessels = no good.

Furthermore; an excellent stimulant for your immune system. Other areas of improvement include cardiovascular, aging and gum disease. While some articles will state that CoQ10 can lower blood pressure, I certainly would not count on it in that sense.

Dosing will vary per individual. I stay with a low dose, but 100mg daily is just fine.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium):

HGW is an aphrodisiac. Certainly not a replacement for Cialis or other erectile functionality drugs. Some studies have shown increase in testosterone levels when supplementing with HGW. However, there are other areas of benefits to HGW aside from a boost in libido. Let's have a look:

Involuntary urine leakage (incontinence): Some Chinese studies show that HGW improved growth in the sphincter muscles, which gets control over incontinence. Also shown to help with diarrhea.

Blood Pressure: HGW can lower your blood pressure. Not significantly, but certainly does help those with higher BP.

HGW is also commonly used for infertility, lethargy, back pain, arthritis and to stimulate the production of male sex hormones. Also can tonify the liver.


I don't know about you, but I certainly love the vascular look. The more the better! Some may not like it, but I think most of us regular gym goers crave the look. It's not just a look, it's motivating. Especially at the gym when you get that nice pump and your veins start popping out from everywhere. There are tons of positive things that happen in our bodies that lead to this. As a lifter and/or body builder, it's crucial to achieve the steps that lead to vascularity.

Before we move forward with explanations and supplementation I need to make sure to get the main key out of the way. Diet. you've heard it a million times... "Abs are made in the kitchen", well that goes for vascularity as well What you consume and how much of it will eventually determine your body fat percentage. A lower body fat percentage will yield a higher level of vascularity I'm not saying you have to be "stage ready" at 4 to 6% body fat. But certainly not easily attainable when we're over 15%. Now again, that number is not set in stone. Everyone is different and genetics play a strong role here.

Nitric Oxide levels have a massive effect on our bodies with tons of benefits. But today we will discuss the ones that are related to this topic:

Blood Flow/Circulation:
Increasing your blood flow is the first key. Boosting your nitric oxide levels will achieve this by relaxing the blood vessels, leading to an increase in diameter. Blood flows better in bigger/wider veins.

Muscle Cell Endurance:
Endurance is not only related to your cardio abilities. Your muscles' endurance can be targeted by boosting your nitric oxide levels. This will allow you to lift heavy. But also helps with efficient recovery from strenuous lifting, inevitably leading to growth.

Muscle Mass:
This goes hand in hand with the 1st one mentioned, blood flow. Imagine your body is a plant that needs watering. If you water this plant with a tiny hose that has the diameter of a drinking straw, it will take forever to feed it. It's just not effective. But if you water the plant with a large diameter hose, you'll feed it quickly and efficiently. Same goes for your muscles. The larger the vessels that lead to your muscles, the more nutrients they will get. It's that simple. Open the flood gates.

What can I supplement with to increase vascularity?

Ok, so some of you probably jumped straight to this section. there are many supplements out there that will help. Strategically stacking some of these supplements will better your chances. Amino acids are a key player here, obviously.
some of you may not be able to attain some of the prescription medications and/or afford the cost, so I will also give you an option that you can get at a fair price over the counter from your local pharmacy.

What can I take over the counter?

My main goal for my pre workout was to achieve a great pump, vascularity and muscle endurance. The key players have always been L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. After extensive research, I've come to a conclusion (for myself), that both are required here, but L-Citrulline needs to be dosed at a high ratio than L-Arginine.

L-Citrulline Malate - 3 grams
L-Arginine (micronized) - 2 grams
L-Lysine - 2 grams
L-Methionine - 1 gram
Pycnogenol - 120 mg (this stuff is not cheap)

L-Cysteine - 1 to 2 grams
Vitamin C - 2 grams

L-Tyrosine - 1 gram
L-Glutamine - 1.5 grams
Magnesium Citrate - 400 mg

Note that the compounds mentioned are strategically chosen as they work in synergy. They all compliment each other and give you better results than taking them at random. Follow this protocol and give it time to build up, you will see results getting better and better over time. My personal protocol includes other drugs such as cialis, doxa, etc.. but I extracted those from the protocol above, which will still yield some outstanding results for you.

Good luck, stay vascular my friends.


Below I will list items that I've removed from my protocol. Keep checking back as this list may grow...

Pycnogenol - Click here for an explanation.
Resveratrol - Click here for an explanation.

Reason for removal of pycnogenol:


Alright. So I've been supplementing with this compound for a short while now. This is by far the most expensive compound in my OTC supplement list. You get what you pay for, right? Let's find out...

The reason this compound is expensive is because it comes from the French Maritime Pine tree. It's bark extract. Apparently its bark is far superior and more consistent than any other, making it unique and in high demand. Processing seems to be a very difficult task as well. The going price $3,700 for about 2 lbs. There's also a patent in there somewhere, so everyone has to get paid. Ridiculous, but that's why it's so expensive.

So what are the advertised uses for Pycnogenol?

please note: There are more benefits, I'm only listing the ones that concerned me.

- Circulation Related Issues
- High Blood Pressure
- Muscle Soreness
- Erectile Dysfunction

How does Pycnogenol work?

Pycnogenol binds to collagen. It increases oxygen delivery and decreases carbon dioxide. This gives you much healthier, more elastic and less wrinkled skin. The main thing they pitch however, is it's ability to increase circulation by increasing vessel diameter; allowing blood to flow better and inevitably delivering more nutrients.

My experience with Pycnogenol:

I started and finished 2 bottles. In total, 100 capsules at 60 mg each. My dosing protocol was 2 in the morning, and 2 before bed, for a total of 240 mg daily. I started over a month ago and finished a week or so ago. The reason I haven't updated was because I wanted to see what happens when I come off of it. Well, nothing happened. No changes to the skin, no decreased vascularity and no drop in my Nitric Oxide levels. And there was no huge changes in my blood pressure.

I also came off of Magnesium (my preferred muscle relaxer) for one week during this experiment, to see if my post workout soreness was relieved or shortened to some degree. This was not the case. The only thing I noticed was the lack of magnesium and I was very happy to jump back on it. So I give it a zero for muscle related relief.

I chose not to come off of cialis an everything else I take that aids with my erectile dysfunction. Mainly because I understood exactly how Pycnogenol would help me in that area, and it's no different than what I'm already doing. Would it work, however? Absolutely, but I doubt it if doses were considerable, making it quite the expensive fix.

Now, I understand that benefits to the skin can take some time to build up, but its circulation properties are supposed to be almost immediate. I am absolutely confident that this drug can and most likely will benefit most users. But it does nothing for me. My NO levels are through the roof due to my current protocol. My blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are both under control without this drug. So why did I really take it? Well, the same damn reason I take Amino Acids, for increased vascularity and better pump. No gains there.

The max recommended dose is 180 mg. I knew I had to increase it if I wanted to see anything from it considering what I already take. So I pretty much wasted my time with this compound. I really hate to say that I don't have long term experience with it because, who knows, maybe long term use will yield more benefits. But for now, I'm sticking to my reliable friend: Cialis.

Who do I recommend this for?

Women. Women can benefit from Pycnogenol with relief from the following:

- Menopausal Symptoms
- Cramping from Menstrual Periods
- Reproductive System Issues

The skin and circulation benefits obviously are on the list above for women.

I also recommend this for folks who would like the skin-related anti aging benefits, because it is quite unique in that area and binds to collagen like no other. My experience was probably too short to validate this but I'm putting my trust in the studies and a dermatologist's (friend of mine) endorsement.

I also recommend this for those who are acne prone.

There you have it. Hopefully this helps you make a more informed decision. For me, I simply can't justify the price.
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I'd be interested to know why he removed pycnogenol. The link doesn't take you to an explanation. If you catch him on the other site Doc, ask him.


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I see he does some reading as there's a large list of supplements I too approve, but I honestly don't see taking all of those supplements VS taking none at all changing anything drastically.

I really like the green tea extract, Omega, and zinc to name a few. Don't like the idea of taking so many drugs/supplements.