Austinite's Top 3 - Essential On-Cycle Supplementations

Hey Austinite, kind of unrelated but i think it's your opinion, how important is cardiovascular exercise for your general health and well-being?
What's your cardiovascular protocol if you don't mind me inquiring? I try to do 15-20 minutes of low intensity cardio three days a week.
Haha. Yeah, when you are really giving it your all, i don't see how you could really enjoy the pain. Reminds me of something Lee priest once said. Someone asked him what his favorite workout was, he answered "I hate all of them" lol

One more question Austinite (promise :laugh3: )

What's your opinion on red wine for health purposes?

P.s. Don't mind me, i'm an extremely curious individual. Can't get enough of Austinite's wisdom XD
I don't consume any alcoholic beverages. However, a daily glass of wine before bed is great for your health. Maybe a couple glasses for 2 or 3 of those nights even. Just be sure to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth, and swish water in your mouth a few times before brushing.
Hey Austinite, have you read the studies showing that vitamin C, in the presence of fat in the stomach produces nitrosamine. Some kind of carcinogen?
Hey Austinite, What do you think about DIM use (off cycle) to keep those nasty E's at bay? It sounds pretty mild and i don't eat much veggies. Could possibly help with prostate health since the consensus is that estrogen can also affect prostatic hypertrophy.
Recently posted a study illustrating how DIM activates the HIPPO pathway, and results in suppressing gastric cancer cells. So that's a plus. Of course, it's anti e properties are useful in any scenario requiring so.

Austinite approved!

Have you heard of any side effects from a regular dose? I read some reviews on amazon complaining of lethargy. My girlfriend is thinking of trying out DIM(she's got bad estrogen sides like endometriosis, figured DIM could help) so i was considering trying it myself. I heard it doesn't decrease E2 that much but optimizes the metabolism of the crappy estrogen. Atleast that's my understanding of the limited knowledge i have on the supplement.