BD vials from 2005 and earlier


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Important question, did BD have little arrows on the bottle, just below the cap, showing where the cap can be flipped off (on the crimping), on bottles made before 2006? I know later batches all had those little arrows, but i dont recall them there on batches made in 2005 and earlier. Can anyone clarify? I have some Tri-trenabol made in 02 2005 and the arrow isnt there. This has me worried a little. Everything else is perfect (the font, the logo, the cap and rubber stopper are all looking legit).


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can you post the picture of your vials it will be more easy to see if they are real; last batch that I saw with arrow was 08/2004


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Well just researching a bit i saw this:

It sucks, but seems that the tri tren i have is from the same place.
Whats amazing is that they got almost everything down, the cap, font, even rubber stopper,everything, only thing that got me worried was that the arrow wasnt there, and the lines on the crimping didnt extend all the way down, but only halfway.
And they fake every BD product, i had access to bold, tren, tri tren, andropen, primo, deca. And they all look almost identical to the original, just no arrow!!
Probably the best fake ive ever seen.
No wonder BD isnt liked well in Poland, if this kind of shit is around. I doubt many people would be able to identify this as fake. :(.
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