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looked in the picture forum and didn't see this stlye of box..russian bio-reactor d-bol 5mg...has anyone used these before??? B-legit what were the ones you used??
my roomie has those also,he has yet to start em though.I will post when hes a couple weeks on.

sus (cyctahoh) and D-bol,I tried to convince him to use an "anabolic" type AS as well but hes a stubborn SOB!!! hes doing it backwards also,started with sus and is going to start the dbol soon.I would start both at once and run the d's for 6weeks and the sus 10-12 weeks but hey thats just me.

i was thinking for my next cycle as follows

W 1-4 40-50mg d-bol
W1-3 1cc sust/omna EOD
W4-12 500mg cyp or enanthate
W6-12 100mg EOD fina or winny..not sure how much though...

a few buddies of mine did the similar cycle and put on between 30-40lbs....any suggestions???