TEST P/ SUS/ WINNY Summer Cycle Log


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Hello all, ended up having a pretty crazy spring with some personal stuff so cycling and reporting took the back burner. I had been planning on another strength focused cycle but after my last training program, I want to give my back a break and try to focus more on aesthetics for this summer. I am into the second week of a cycle that is going to look like this:


Dragon pharma Test p - 100mg ed weeks 1-2
dragon pharma Sus 350 - 230mg m/Th/Sat weeks 1-10
SIS Labs Winny - 50mg tab ed weeks 8-12
DP TEST P - Taper weeks 10-12

dr prescribed arimidex - .5mg eod weeks 1-12 (dose as needed)
Letro 2.5mg for emergency, Sometimes i get horrible E symptoms at the beginning of a cycle and a few days on letro levels it out.
hcg - 250 iu M/Th weeks 2-12

milk thistle

Nolva - 40/40/20/20 weeks 14-18
I have clomid but that shit makes me trip the fuck out so ill probably not use it. I get all paranoid and emotional.

My Stats:
Age: 27
weight: 218-220
bf: 14ish (quad veins but only meh abbs, ill post some pictures when i have more time)
Height: 5'11''
training for ten years pretty consistently, diet is about 80% dialed in. I cant quit the fucking kodiak cakes, which arent that bad but probably shouldnt be everyday.

The game plan is to load up with the test p until the sus has time to get moving then try to cut some of the bloat and dial things in with winny at the end. I respond very well to winny quickly so I am not gonna run it long. I also want to be able to play softball and hike this summer without my knees exploding. I would have loaded with dbol, but it makes me breakout and while it is amazing shit, having golf ball pimples isnt worth it. Before someone goes and says, why not tren? fuck off, im poor.

Going into week two things are pretty good, a little more sweat, can feel all the test p which can be a lot and can make me a little up and down, but things are leveling out. gym wise feels good. lifting six days/week. some days end up just being some circuit bs for cardio, but im there. doing alot of 5x5 stuff and volume training. wanna burn calories, not too worried about building a ton of strength. we'll see what happens. Ill post some pictures when I get home from this week and try to keep everyone updated with how things are going. I have a blood appt the second week in june and will get that shit posted as well.


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In my experience tren isn’t much more expensive than most of the other injectables. Especially if you’re running enth. You’ll need a higher dose/wk than ace but it’s significantly cheaper.

Your AI, and PCT looks legit. Sucks you can’t tolerate Clomid. I largely attribute keeping my gains post cycle to clomid, along with HCG, and staying consistent with training/diet.

Even a small dose of clomid would be better than nothing imo.

I say drop the winny. That’s just imo because personally I hate orals. They’re just terrible for the body. Instead, grab two bottles of tren enth. It’s usually 200-250mg/ml, so you’ll need two bottles (120-150$) to run 300-400mg/wk for 10 weeks. Run the sust out 6 weeks, and start the tren. Run the cycle out for a total of 16 weeks. Adjust your AI accordingly, and maybe tweak the HCG slightly based on the severity of testicular atrophy.

That’s what I would do.