Blood work results after 7 weeks on cycle

Double Down

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So I got blood work done 7 weeks Into my cycle of. 500 mg test per week and 25-50 mg of dbol per day ( I increased the dbol to 50 mg the last three weeks). Also took anastrozole .5 mg twice a week and tamoxafen EOD.
All previous blood work results were always within range.

I'm only posting the results that were out of range

K 5.0. (3.5 - 5.1) high but just within range
BUN 21.4 (7.0-18)
AST. 47.6 (15.0 -37.0)
HDLC 14.7. (40.0-60.0)
CKI >1000. (26.0- 308.0)

Blood pressure checked every week and is alway normal
Zips it the dbol that's causing my liver values (AST)and my "good" cholesterol to tank?

What's causing the creatinine to be so high?