Boldenone is Painful? Why??


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Hi Everyone. I'm new here so take it easy on me. Not to say i'm new to homebrew. I was probably one of the first batches of ppl who started home brewing around 1995-96. Just getting back into the game again as i was away.

So i've never known Boldenone (Undecyl) to be painlful but with new products out now i was every excited to find Boldenone Cyp (That's genius, i thought when i saw that on the list)

So i made my first brew Test E200/Bold cyp 200 (400mg/ml) but damn did i have PIP from it. I used typical 2% BA, 15% BB, 5% BS. So after reading around a bit i found that the Bold Cyp can be painful..

My question is - to only the people who actually have experience with Boldenone Cyp.. at what dose does it start getting painful? i figured moderate 200 shouldn't be bad but by quad hurt for a week after.

So if you have used bold cyp or have self brewed it.. at what dose does it get painful? I know i can make the undecylnate at 400-500 pain free but what about cyp?

My next idea is to combine the both.. i was thinking 250und+100cyp (350mg/ml) would that be painful? what are your thoughts on it? what are your experiences with bold cyp?