Test Cyp 400 mg per week + 450 EQ- Dropped EQ 2 weeks in


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Hi I made a long detailed post about this, and it never showed up on here. So this is sort of a trial run to not waste time with a detailed post. I dropped Boldenone on my 4th pin with Test Cyp. Anyone see any issues with this? Any comments, experiences? Thanks

Edit. Ok looks like the post went through this time...

2nd cycle
First cycle 4 or 5 years ago
33 years old
205lbs 6ft 2 inches
Cutting cycle
I do very intensive manual labor, and I plan on making it to gym a few times a weeks once the test kicks in, otherwise I'd just be doing damage through over training.
Diet 90 percent on point
Running HCG throughout cycle
I decided to cut the EQ out to just reduce risk and to not to be on such a long cycle.
I was going to ask if it's even worth running for 4-6 weeks, to keep it at a 12 week cycle max.
Thanks guys.
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I think .25 Arimidex 2x a week is good. I had good results on my first cycle with something like this... maybe even a little less. Will adjust if I get any low E/ high E symptoms. Obviously my physique isn't anywhere near where I'm planning on it being (only second week) but the process of recomp is like nothing I've ever experienced. My first cycle was a bulk. On this one, I can just feel the fat melting off, especially in stubborn spots.

I feel like my boys aren't doing too well. Thinking of upping my HCG from 250iu 2x a week in increments, until I hit a sweet spot. Any comments or recommendations on this?