Calf injections with test


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Who here has done calf injections with test? Just curious I am thinking about rotating down to there.
yeah I did it with Enanth and it fuckin hurts!!! But hey no pain no gain!!!! I would just stick bi's/tri's/quads
quads are my fav!!! easy to inject and least amount of pain.

Glute shots are hard to get my body twisted around he he, I am a fat fuck!!!
my partner did calv shots with cyp, said it never hurt too bad, gotta try i guess to find out what your tollerence is bro
I did my bicep for the first time today. I hope it isn't too sore tomorrow.

I don't think I would ever do calves. Most of the posts I read about them say they hurt like a MOFO!!!
Yikes calves. Due to the stress from walking up strairs combined with soreness from a shot would suck.
I have done a few calf injections. in my expierence i have found that doing .5 - .75 ml's was the most i could put in each calf befor it would get too painful.

The first time i ever did it i put 1ml of cyp into my left calf, and hell if i could walk the next day. 1/2ml in each is ok though.
I've been thinking about doing calf injections. I've also been reading that spot injections don't really work (or at least there is some controversy about this). You guys that did it, did you see any gains? How long did it take if you did?
yes, i have to wonder about spot injections myself, i mean normally people inject in their glutes and I don't see people with enormeous muscular asses ... not that I would care to look anyway.