bulking. i need to get to my max naturel before cycle. need more calories, but i eat too single-sided(tuna, pasta, chicken, veggies). also the amounts. no clue
Find the foods you like; that is very important. It's tough to eat a lot of food at first, but you will get used to it. I like to have "bonus cals" also... here's a sample (natural) bulking day for me:

Breakfast: 1c oatmeal w/ 1 scoop whey and raisins, 3 eggs fried in olive oil, banana

1.5c dry Cheerios

Lunch: 2 tuna sandwiches, 1c 2% milk

1c chicken, 1c potatoes, broccoli

(lifting here and then 30g whey, 25g dext, 5g creatine shake)

Dinner: 1/2 of a prepared box of mac n cheese with a can of tuna (in oil) mixed in

1% cottage cheese w/ raisins

...that gives you ~3000 cals and 220g of protein (1.25g/lb for me since I weigh 180 now), and then I add in 500 or 1000 "bonus cals". The "bonus" can be anything: whatever is on sale at the groc store usually, or pizza, BBQ, eating out, whatever I want. I do try to make the bonus cals be protein rich, though, because I want to end up near 1.5g/lb while bulking.

I find this kind of approach to bulking helps me. I have a pretty good handle on how many cals and how much protein I'm getting and fat intake is under control, but it also allows for flexibility and eating whatever you want and saving $ by having the bonus cals in there.

You can find more plans with about 2750cals here (click on days of the week in yellow):

...maybe use them, and then add ~1000 bonus to that.