can anyone help me with all the info?


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I've been reading up a lot the past few days and am still confused on how to tailor a cycle specific for my goals and whack genetics. Maybe i can get specific help.

I'm 25, 5'10", 185lbs, BF 16% - i tried to lower it with the cardio/lifting/nutrition for a few months and it didn't do jack. I've been lifting for 5 years. I'm prone to accumulate fat in my love handles/lower back. My goal is to be a solid 190-195lbs. with a BF of 10% (or lower God willing).

I started on my first 10 week DECA only cycle 300mg/week and am 3rd wk in. Never imagined juicin' that's why i started on something simple which i thought would make me rock solid and help shred some fat (knowing that more muscle will help burn fat/calories). Don't see too much a difference, but i feel stronger and my recovery time is much quicker so I can hit the weights harder. I hear week 5 is "the week". I've upped my calories to about 3000/day with protein around 250g, not too sure about carb intake. My lifting split looks like this:

Mon - chest/tris
Tues - back/bis

i may or may not be overtraining, but since on the Deca, i feel like my body can handle it.

I got to say though, i got pretty crappy muscular genetics, hardly any vacularity, no real cuts - apparently some thick skin with fat that doesn't want to go!, but i do look like I lift and can handle decent poundages. I got a slight case of gyno which i'm hoping to take care of through surgery sometime in the near future.

Any ideas for getting through the next 7 weeks? I want to be solid with more definition than i got now, but not necessarily be ripped because that may be asking too much. What should I plan on the future in terms cycling/nutrition/workouts (please be easy on the acronyms).

Thanks for any input.
I'm trying to figure things out - it seems that all of you on the boards are quite advanced and I don't know what will work without me going overboard. No one in my gym to really help me out. I'm not looking to compete - just look like a bad-ass whose workouts are doing some serious changes!
im gonna agree with iced use some test make sure u have clomid for when u get off do a search on newbie cycle's or cutting cycles u should find alot of information if your trying to lose weight do cardio 30min/day 3-5 times a week deca isnt really the best choice to lose bodyfat
can i throw in the test enan (500mg/wk) in the next couple of weeks if i can get a hold of some or is it too late?
theRock said:
can i throw in the test enan (500mg/wk) in the next couple of weeks if i can get a hold of some or is it too late?

forget the test for now.although it shoulda been in there.your already into your 3rd week,i dont know how much deca you have left but it would take another 3 weeks for the test enth to kick in and not counting the time it would take for you to aquire your test.get some winstrol for the last 4-6 weeks.02

Yes!! Test will be needed! Deca is not a good choice! EQ would have been better.

Spend some time on the Article board! There is a lot of great info there!