can I lose fat while having low testosterone?

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my T levels are very low after doing a cycle with no PCT

I have some Test and clomid, but I don't want to use it right now. I am currently 20% bodyfat and I would much rather diet down to 10% bodyfat aurally and use the Test E to bulk up. so my question is can I get from 20% to 10% bodyfat with good diet despite having low testosterone in my body? I much rather use that test to bulk rather than cut


If you are in a caloric deficit, you are going to lose fat (and muscle). But there are a couple things that you should consider.

1) Being in a caloric deficit is suppressive to your HPTA. So that means it will take you even longer to get your testosterone levels back to normal. That means losing more of your gains and feeling miserable. I highly recommend that you start PCT immediately.

2) When you are trying to cut, it is important to minimize muscle loss. You are going to lose some muscle, but the less the better. Getting your testosterone up helps minimize muscle loss. One of the great things about running a cycle is that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. It's like getting Newb gains all over again.


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losing 10% bodyfat will take lots of training and adjusments to your diet. and it can be done for sure. dicipline yourself and be sure to post here your current diet and training regime.


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to gain muscle and loss fat is everyones goal id say, sounds like the base of everyone cycle, cutting cycle, gain cycle, etc.


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Stats? And age?

Its possible to lose the weight. But itll be fat and muscle. Megatron makes good points.

Regardless diet and cardio
I always recommend morning fasted cardio


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