Chest Strain?!


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I was doing chest earlier weighted dips, the pain is definately there, The middle is very TIGHT.

think as if you wanted to do a side chest pose putting your chest out, right in the middle there is pain.

What should I do?

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No worries . . .happens to me every once and a while doing weighted dips. Basically a strain and if you ice it for 24-48 hours and then apply heat it will go away in less than a week.
I get this pain too. I think there is just a lot of pressure your pain in the muscle or bone? I get pain in my bones in the middle when dipping.
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It's not so bad since i got up, no bruising but still Very sore.

I feel it in the muscle.

How does it feel after it heals?
Stretching after your workout is a good idea, so is a massage technique called myofascial release. It is definitely worth looking into, and believe it or not some insurance programs will pay for it if it is done by a health practitioner.
It still feels sore and difficult to flex in the middle.

How did it affect your training and how long until I can go back?
i used to get that when i was dipping three plates...i assume I'll start getting it again as i'm in the dipping mood lately. I would just stretch. I'm to the point now that that if i stretch my chest apart and pull hard with the lats, i can "crack", "pop" my middle chest..possible the sternum or something...and it's audible enough for others to hear.