it depends? if its a first cycle and you are set on doing two then I'd say test/dbol. Any other time I'd say Test/EQ. Test is the backbone of all cycles, and EQ is a relatively safe compound. Doesnt shut down hard like deca/tren
depends on your goals but test tren will work for any goal, if you dont mind ed shots. ive never used any yet so i have no idea what id react better too deca or eq, but will be tryin the eq first. deca maybe next cycle, depends on how i like eq. test and dbol would prolly give you the most and fastest gains, but youd prolly keep more with test tren or test eq. deca could shut you down hard, but its one of the most popular drugs for a reason, in fact most peoples first cycles who dont read the boards are deca only and gain good on a low dose. so all in all, its jsut your second cycle, whatever combo you pic will work good. dont stress it.
That is a hard one......Test/tren probably because that's my current cycle and I'm feeling damn good. I would have to put test/deca second.
I love Deca but the more I read, the more I am leading towards EQ/Test. I hear that EQ is more permanent gains, more vascularity, less bloat. Too bad that Drive is gone. Would have loved to try that.
you can pretty much copy that formula using eq and denkadiol. i believe there is an underground lab making something very similar in a higher concentration too. ill have to look again.
About like that, or 150mgs eod, or even 75mgs eod. It all depends on how often you wanna stick yourself. I stay less moody when i shoot ed compared to eod.
it is so hard to choose
test and insulin
test and deca
test and tren

which one of this would i gain the most on and keep the most on????
i do not understand if i bought test and tren i will spend about 500dollars on but for that price i could buy almost 3cycles of test by itself .
so would you spend alot of money on one cycle or beable to have three cycle for the price one ?

i thought if you spend alot of money on one cycle and get about 10-15 pounds on ,and if you did three cycle of test by itself you probelly gain about 20-30 lbs. in the long run

do you guys follow me on this one