Clen and Cytomel


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I know the recomendation is to concentrate on either building or cutting and not try to mix cycle types together, but I was none-the-less curious as to the pros and cons of using clenbuterol and\or cytomel during a typical mass-building cycle. Are they entirely counterproductive?
It would be more counterproductive with the t3 then the clen. clen is much more muscle sparing then t3
Running t-3 at around 15-25mcg a day will actually aid in protein synthesis. As long as you keep it low, it should help build a lil more muscle, while hopefully burning a little fat. Best of both worlds. As far as clen goes, i woulndt use it while on a mass cycle. It wont help you lean out if you are bulking. What i would suggest if you want the best of both worlds is to use the t-3 at a low dose during your cycle, and when you strart your post cycle therapy (pct) start taking the clen. Keep your protein way up, and you should drop a little body fat. But the best thing about clen poost cycle is that it lowers your cortisol levels, which are probably very high due to your cycle. Cortisol is partly responsible for muscle loss post cycle.