Clen and Test


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ok guys thanks for the info on the Clen and drug testing! Now boyz i have another delima. Just ordered the Clen. do i use the Clen while im off cycle or should i use it with my Test only cycle?? im trying to lean out during the summer and when i hit the Test im going to watch calories and cardio so i stay lean plus im going to use some Liqua-Dex for bloat and water problems. Will the clen work well with this??

Hell, maybe i will even do some Clen before the cycle starts and also during! What do you think??
Use then clen 2 on, 2 off, and try to plan it so you start a 2 on, right when you start clomid, becuase clen is somewhat anti-catabolic. Use ECA in the weeks between. Or just use it post cycle to. What brand of clen? How many?
thanks i am going to be using Liquid Clen. i have two bottles coming. 30ml bottle with 120mcg per ml. i am already finished with my post cycle therapy so is it going to kill me to use it without anything else right now??? or should i wait till i start my next cycle??
Clen by itself is fine. Will help you lean up a bit, and it has shown an anabolic affect in animals, although this has never been proven in humans.