Clomid Questions


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I'm in the midst of a Prop. (100mg/10ml)/ Fina cycle(70mg/30ml). The Prop just finished today, and I've been doing 1ml prop and 1ml Fina every other day.

Since today is the end of my prop, I'm gonna increase my Fina dosages to 1.5ml and continue every other day with that till its done.

With that in mind, I have 21 Clomids (50mg) that I had planned to save for the end of the full cycle. I was gonna do 1 week of 2/day then 1 week of 1/day at the end of the cycle.

Does anyone think that because my prop is done so much sooner than my Fina, I should do a 1 week of 1/day mid-cycle clomid dose to help recover from the sudden prop drop off? Or will the .5ml increase in Fina help with that?

Just wondering when the clomid would be best to use. I've got 21 of em, so a few to go around.