Clomid tastes NASTY!


-Flesh Eater-
How are you guys getting around the nasty taste. It leaves a nasty tate in my mouth for hours. The numb mouth is fine its just the after taste. Damn!
rjl296 - you mean dilute it in water and drink it? never thought of it, but i have heard DG tal about shooting it into grapes and eating em, lol. I just put it in gelcaps.
Its IP's

Its amazing that something so good can taste so bad :)

Im gonna try to chew it right before my morning MRP instead of just before I hit the shower.

Cant wait to see how this effects me.. Never have done clomid before. PRobaly will be crying like a baby.

So what are signs that this stuff is working? Swollen nutz? blue balls?
A buddy of mine cries his ass off at a lame movie when on 100 mgs per day for 10 days. :crying: We ripped on him so bad for that! :laugh4: :laugh:
I use IP clomid and I crush them in a pill crusher, as I do with all of his tabs and then mix it with water or crystal light, just about an ounce or less and chug it down like a shot of tequilla. But it does taste like , I imagine, dirty butt!
You know thats right! I first wrote it without that little tidbit and re thought the experience that would follow....hahaha