First Cycle rip 200 half ml eod & pct

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Hi ***128075;***127995;

40 yrs old, 15st, 5ft 11in - trying to set myself up properly, currently living in the gym after 5 yrs off. A friend has got me some rip 200 and considering doing half ml eod, with good diet and supplements, 10 wk cycle ***128690;

So will I need hcg for my pct as well as additional meds clomid and nolvadex to restore my natural testosterone until my next cycle?

Or based on my age, current natural testosterone production, half ml dosage am I over thinking this?

My friend says he just takes L carnitin and supplements and is on higher dose and has no problem with ed or gyno

Complete nubie and late to the game but read about the benefits of taking small doses of testosterone at my age because of the natural reduction in men as we get older.

Any advice would be much appreciated before I start as I want to get it as right as possible.

Thanks ***128591;***127995;


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Rip 200 has three compounds in it. First cycle should have one compound. The best reason for this is because if you start with multiple compounds and you get side effects then you wont know what's causing them and therefore will not know how to plan future cycles. What if you have a bad reaction to tren? You'll have no idea of that's what's causing it.
Another great reason not to start with three compounds is that your first time you wont need three for great results. Save additional compounds for future cycles.
Ok now let's talk about why pre mixed blends are stupid as hell. Three compounds in one bottle virtually guarantees uneven doses of each compound. One day ya get lots of test and no tren or masteron and the next day it's all tren. And why would you let some lab determine for you how much of each you will have in your blend? If you want three compounds you use 3 bottles and determine your own EXACT dosage of each.....which is again an insane plane for a first cycle. Absolutely insane.
Next BIG problem is you have no idea how you're going to pct. NO.....hcg is not for pct. It is used on cycle to help maintain testicle size and function and should be stopped before pct begins. the first cycle sticky here on this site.
I did my first cycle at 40. It was 400mg of cypionate per week with a pct consistenting only of clomid and I recovered great. The cycle went great as well. I got strong as hell and gained some solid mass. I have since gotten on trt so that I can abuse hormones and not pct anymore. Not the smartest course of action but here I am. I have done 2 to 3 cycles every year and have experimented a lot with dosage. I can tell you from experience.....stick with the beginner dosage advice of 400 to 500 of a long esther such as cypionate or enanthate.
I'll check in to see what other advice you get and what questions you have.....if any.
Read the first cycle sticky bro......then ask questions

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