Coming off after 2 years of cruise


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Hello all,

I would like to get your advice on this.

I am 31 years old, I've been in this for about 10 years now on and off(with PCT) each time harder and longer cycles. I plan to stop after this 2 years low dose cruise. (test 300(ena+prop), tren 50(ace), masteron 50(prop) /week).
I have never used AI because I felt awesome without it with no bad side effects.

So here's my plan in my attempt to recovery:

-Last 2 months before my last pin: hcg 500ui e3d
-After my last enanthate pin: hcg 500ui eod for 4 weeks with arimidex 0.5mg eod ( as for now, it has been 4 days and I'm doing hcg 1000ui/day since day 3-4 now because I actually feel something at that dosage )

Once the gear is cleared out of my system along with hcg and I plan to stop the finasteride as well:

-Clomid 50mg and Nolvadex 20mg week 1 to 4 + mk-667 16mg/day + yk-11 5mg/day + clen 100 mcg/day
-Clomid 30mg and Torem Citrate 60mg week 4 to 8 + mk-667 16mg/day + yk-11 5mg/day + clen 200 mcg/day

1 month break and hopefully balls and HPTA are somewhat ok + mk-677 16mg/day

(Still not sure if I will do this part) 100 mcg triptorelin one shot + Torem Citrate 30mg for 4 weeks + mk-677 16mg/day

As for day 3-4 at 1 000 ui hcg/day, I feel activity and minor pain in my balls, which is a good sign imo. I didn't felt much at 500 ui.

yk-11 and clen is to keep the anabolic and metabolic environment decent with energy so I can keep lifting and eating my meals.

I will keep you guys updated in this thread about how it goes towards the following months
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I would definitely keep an eye on your bloods. Due to the length if it was me I would be going every 3 months or so just to have a full workup panel done.

Couldn't hurt brother


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mk-667 is not suppressive. It's an inhibitor.

I'm into the 4th week.

I Lost about 5lbs of water and a bit of strength but the energy feels as good. I'm pretty ripped right now due to the water weight lost.

I didn't use the clen and dropping it.

I did for the past 2 weeks:

1000ui hcg ED
15mg mk-677
5mg yk-11
20mg nolvadex
0.50mg arimidez eod


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I'm into week 5.

I want to mention again I've stopped finasteride on my last enanthate pin.

So far so good, there was only 2 or maybe 3 days where I felt tired which was the last 3 days. The energy is good now and I wake up with energy too. Thanks to the DHT flowing in my body again I guess.

My ballz did really kick in when I started the clomid a week ago. Way more than HCG did. I even beat my meat yesterday and everything went good.

Here is what I'm doing right now. I know nolva reduces the effect of arimidex along with lower IFG levels.

85mg clomid ed
20mg nolva ed
0.5mg arimidex eod (known to raise LH and FSH)
16mg aromasin eod (counteract lowered effect of arimidex and raise my IFG levels)
1mg split in 2 doses AM and PM mk-677

My energy, appetite and mood is good right now. Lost a bit of strength and hardness but it is the price I'll gladly pay if I ever get back to normal.

I plan to use the plan above for the next 4 weeks. Then I will drop the arimidex and nolva and reduce clomid to either 65mg or 35mg.
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