Contaminated vial


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Got an old batch of BD tri-tren 150. Everything is perfect except for one little bit - seems like theres a little bit of hair floating in the solution. No idea how the fuck that shit got in there, but what i do know is its a waste of perfectly good gear. What id like to ask you is:
1.Should i filter it out into a new sterile vial? (I have a few but the main problem is obtaining sterile syringe filters - I CANNOT get them in my country, researchology will not accept my card because its from Eastern Europe and they are suspicious. (I dont know of what, but nothing that i can change) Neither will another site based in the US selling conversion gear. Is there any way of making them yourself?
2.Bake the vial and hope it kills whatever might have got in there? (Heard that its not too effective).
3. Just hope for the best and test it without doing anything? After all theres BA inside. (I would not opt for this, if the damn filters were easier to get for me!!!).

Ill say again, the gear is perfectly good, and its from the 2005 batch, that tested very very well (190 mg/ml). So i will not throw it away.
strange that BD did let go trough one like that....

Anyhow, there are a few bros from europe here, me included, that get things from US without problems. CC or not. is a god place to start.

And btw, if you really wanna use that gear, definitely filter it.