Could use some guidence with ED issue


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Hey yall.
Im 38yrs, 185lbs, have ran a few cycles before. Last Cycle was was a 10 week run, adding Tren for the 1st time.
Test P week 1-4, 8-10 ,
Sust week 1-8,
Tren Ace week 1-6
Adex .5 mg 2-3x a week
PCT, clomid and tamoxifen 4 1/2 weeks
Last injection was Test P Jan 8th 2018

Problem, i lost libido 2 weeks into PCT, it came back about 2 weeks ago, but have been struggling with a softy ever since.
When the libido started to return i took a blood check, testosterone level only. It was 1030, normal range 250-750.
Assuming high T was good i still had problems getting hard. Was advised by "bros" to keep controling my estrogen with Adex i did, but the erections were speradic and short lived at best.

Ok now to date.
Plan was to use Tren Ace last cycle to gauge my bodies reaction, i was practically a rapist with it.
So thumbs up.
Now im starting the next cycle
Test P week 1-3 MWF, 8-10 MWF maybe to 12?
Test E week 1-3 MWF 4-8 TTh
Tren E week 1-3 MWF 4-8 TTh
(Total test adds to 675mg/wk)
(Total Tren is 450mg/wk)

Caber .5mg week 2-8 2x a week
Adex .5mg eod

1st pin was wednesday, had 2 already.
Libido is switched on but the wang is still soft, and hard-ons are shady at best.
Vigara at 50mgs doesnt do it.
Raised it to .75, and all i can hope for are shady half asrs boners.

Now im thinking maybe i didnt recover enough, 7 weeks. Got excited and jumped on 3 weeks early. But the 1st 2 pins on this new cycle have blasted my libido back to awesome, problem is, the dick is still not working.

I could really use some advise from people that have experience.
Dont need trash talk. This is a real issue and hopefully u guys know your shit.

Hi buddy you mention what gear you take but do not mention dosages in your last cycle which has caused this issue. Have you ever pinned hcg?

. We also need your stats, age, weight, height, bf%, complete cycle history.
Heard good things about hcg in your situation. Also, proviron is a BIG win for a lot of people I know. Curious if you've tries cialis. Sometime Viagra does very little for me and I switch to cialis and it works great.
As far as a permanent fix.......gonna need a lot of bloodwork. In the end we are all giving are systems hell. If we don't fully recover, which can unfortunately sometimes take a year, then we are dependent on other drugs to help us.
Good luck bro. Please let us know what works for you.
You should get a sensitive estrogen blood test too. Taking adex without knowing where your estrogen is at could have brought it way too low, which will cause ed just as easily as high estrogen can
yup.. you need a hormone panel with the following

total test
free test
e2 sensitive

that will paint the picture