Crashed estrogen going into my PCT


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So I did a 16 week test enth 500mg a week(went to 600 last vial), with a dbol kickstart. Well going into PCT I accidentally crashed my estrogen with aromasin. I got bloodwork done 3 weeks after last pin, mainly bc I never felt so shitty(crippling anxiety and headaches) before during a PCT, and I was just searching for answers. Well estradiol was less than 5 on results and test was 275(Not sure if this is the enth clearing still or naturally produced). Everything else looked good except prolactin was 22.5ng/dl on the high side.

PCT is 40mg nolva 2 weeks/20mg 2 weeks. I have a few days left of 40mg.

First off I know I am a dumbass and should have been more careful.

How long does it take for estrogen to higher on natty test? Does anyone have any suggestions I could try? I am sure my cortisol is through the roof as well.


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Nope just let nature do it***8217;s course and it will go up in time- will be delayed due to pct low testosterone so just wait

Few weeks of feeling like shit

Start your pct, you could run hcg to help for a couple weeks


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Agreed with the above. Ride it out. It will correct itself as your testosterone corrects itself. And no more AI of any kind. Sorry you're going thru this bro......It's only temporary.

Also, hope ya had a great cycle otherwise. Take care bro


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