Creatine and T3 while cutting...


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I am at about 15 % BF looking to get down to 10. I have just finished a clen/T3 2 week cycle, and now on an ECA while continuing the T3. I am around 50-75 mcg a day of the T3 and am thinking of adding creatine to counter some muscle loss and lethargy. Will this be OK during a cutting phase? If so should I do the loading phase or is that BS?
Are you on AS? AS should keep muscle loss to a min. ECA and caffiene should counter the T3 lethargy. AM cardio keeps the energy up throughout the day as well. Good luck.
I am not on AS, just T3 and ECY. I know that I will lose some muscle and am prepared for that. I am taking glutamine to help spare muscle loss. Right now I am looking to maximize fat loss while keeping muscle loss in check. I am thinking just glutamine and hold off the creatine. I have just now began the ECA so maybe now I wont have the lethargy and muscle soreness I experienced on T3/clen.
There's something I don't get (maybe I'm just dumb)

Why would you be loading creatine if your cutting?
Creatine will cause water retention into the muscles, rehydrating glycogen depleted tissue. This in turn helps to minimize muscle catabolism. Creatine is zero calorie and will not cause fat to be added but will usually give you a little bloat and hold excess water, but who cares when cutting you cut fat, a little added water weight is not that importtant.