CREATINE...What were your results the FIRST TIME you took it??

Hey Mister

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I'm about to take creatine for the first time. I am 5'8 around 185lbs natural. Never even taken glutamine before.

Although I know it's all water weight, how much did you gain and how quickly the first time you took it?

I'm thinking of taking 10g half hour before workout and 10g post-workout.

Should I also take on non-workout days, and if so, how much?

In my opinion creatine is one of the best supplements made. I gained a good bit the first time I tried it. I still take creatine & glutamine while I am on a cycle.
First time I used it about 7 years ago and it made me shit like crazy. I use it now and I'm fine with it. Dont see much gains from it though.