Critique my cycle.


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I posted this in the MY CYCLE forum but things are moving pretty slow over there.

This will be my 3rd cycle. My 1st was a 10wk eq only cycle. The second was 400mg eq/wks 1-12 and 100mg Winstrol (winny) eod/wks 6-12. My stats are: 22yo, 5'11" 195 lbs, 7-8%bf, been lifting for about 6 years.

My goals for this cycle are to gain 12-15 lbs of lean body mass while staying lean throughout the cycle. This is what I'm planning as of right now.

500mg eq wks 1-10
100mg test prop eod wks 3-12

I've got clomid and nolvadex on hand. Probably going to run l-dex at .25mg eod throughout.

Also thinking about running a low dose of T-3. What do you guys think?

My workouts and diet are in order.
Thanks in advance.
The first refreshing thing I noticed was that you set realistic goals for yourself. 12-15 pounds is quite attainable provided your nutrition is in accordance with your objective. The only alteration I would make would be to run both compounds (the prop and EQ) for 12 weeks simultaneaously. No need to "break out" the prop in week three. Just hit it from the begining. This, in a way, simplifies things and being that prop has a short half-life it will be out of your system quickly. Most people, and this is feild(or gym tested) dosing practices find that the longer you run EQ the better it gets, so that being said 12 weeks should serve you well. There really is no genuine need for the T3. Maintaining a lean body composition while adding lean body mass requires precision and proper diet. Eat right, but enough, and you'll grow a fair amount of leand muscle mass and provided you're eating correctly you will be able to minimize oe even eliminate fat accumulation.
Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like I'll probably go with 500mg eq for 12wks and 100mg eod prop for 12wks. I'll let ya know how it goes.
My gains off of the eq only cycle were nothing spectacular. I only gained about 3lbs but I was happy with the vascularity. I was also running a pretty low cal diet at the time in an attempt to drop some bf so that probably explains why the weight gain was minimal. Looking back I wouldn't run an eq only cycle again.
I agree with RH, Just keep the arimidex on hand. You could think about go to week 15 with the prop since the eq will take about 3 week to clear your system.

That looks like solid cycle, well thought out. Get ready to eat with that EQ? My buddy ran an Eq only cycle and gained solid 12-15l LBM. Good luck