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75mg EOD Test Enanthate 1-16
75mg EOD Drost. Enanthate 1-16
75mg EOD Tren Enanthate 1-16
100mg Winstrol (winny) ED 1-8
250mg Sustanon/week
1mg arim./week divided daily
50mg Prov. ED 16-20
20mg nolva ED 16-20
standard clomid pct.

I started at 5'8 205 20% BF and at week 3 I am 217 15% BF. My bench press has gone from 350 to 400 during that time. Squat is off the roof from 500 to 600. I attribute this to the tren. This is my first experience with Tren and I must say that I love it. Ive done several cycles before but first with Tren and I would recommend that anabolic to anyone. My next cycle is going to be another cutter type similar to this...

Sustanon 500mg/week two times a week 1cc each time 1-16
Primobolan 300mg/week shots EoD
Anavar 80mg ED 1-16
prov 50mg ED 16-20
standard pct, nolva, clomid
Your telling me that you lost 10lbs of fat, gained 20lbs of muscle, increased your bench 50lbs and increased your squat 100lbs in 3 weeks? You sir are on crack, not steroids.
I could care less about your opinion if you are going to call me a liar. I know the facts and yeah I could do that. Im 36 years old and have been lifting weights on and off since I was 14..I have been off the juice for 7 months and those were my lifts before I started that cycle. I could bench press 315 when i was 17 and was squatting 450 at that age too at 180 lbs so I really don't think that my weights are that impressive at all. I believe the Tren is what really gave me the edge with my gains. Anyone else have great success with Tren on the first usage?
My first try with tren was this cycle and I got a bad batch, so I'm waiting for some new stuff to try out. Miraculous results are pretty typical with tren.
They weight isn't that shocking, it probably just means that you weren't hititing your maxes or possibly it was the tren. However to lose 10lbs of fat and gain 20lbs of muscle is simply not possible in three weeks, I don't care what genetics god gave you. That's a 30lb change, or 10lbs of weight moved a week...If this is the case you should go slap Ronnie in the face cuz in about 10 weeks your going to bigger than him.

Anywho, no point in fighting over the internet. If you post pics it would straighten me right up lol.

Question: Why run Sustanon (sust) and Enanthate at the same time?
Ive read that it is good to boost the test up a little bit with those compound mixtures so that I don't get limp where it counts. What do you think about that? Also, I am not exactly sure of the body fat %'s, that could be off a bit, but I have gained weight and lost fat, probably not as dramatic as that but there is a very large difference.
Doesn't matter, if your gaining that's what counts. Keep doing what your doing.

Yes, usually you want a little more test to combat getting shut down from tren. I'm just confused as to why you didn't just increase the Enanthate or Sustanon (sust) - why run 2 different tests? It's not really a big deal, I just don't see any advantage because Sustanon (sust) is more expensive and screws with your blood levels if not injected frequently.
Since I've been shooting Sustanon (sust) I haven't noticed any increased sides, for example, when missing and injection and then shooting 2cc's for the next.
Well I have a simple answer for you on that one. Im using two different test esters because the enthanate is mixed in with the masteron and the tren at 150mg/cc of each..i shoot 1/2cc EoD of that mixture. :)
damn, i should get me some tren...those seem like some sick results
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gandalf55 said:
Well I have a simple answer for you on that one. Im using two different test esters because the enthanate is mixed in with the masteron and the tren at 150mg/cc of each..i shoot 1/2cc EoD of that mixture. :)

makes sense
Week 5 or so..225 and the biggest and strongest that I have been which isnt that impressive but for me it is excellent. I had to up the sustanon dose to 500 a week to even out the libido changes, but so far so good :).
Thanks bro. Im going to try some yohimbe/clen injectable fairly soon to see if I can shed some bodyfat, but I know all of the weight that I have added is going to the right places..It is just hard to get that last layer off. :)
Dropped 5lbs of weight, probably fluid buildup as I quit taking creatine and NoS and started the clen/yohimbe injections..Strength still rising and I am getting more defined..some veins showing which is nice for me as I normally am a bit bulky. 220 lbs 5'8 Not sure of bodyfat % but I am able to wear a size 32 in low cut loose jeans hehe which is down from a 34.
5'8" at 220lbs and wearing size 32 pants...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you have trouble squeezing you shoulders through doorways
:)..well im down to 210 now as the cardio has picked up a bit after I had a cold..getting pretty hard..its just tough to lose that last layer of fat :)..I should tighten up my diet a bit more but its tough when you like to eat things that taste good :) hehe