Current test e/tren e cycle


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Hey guys, to to the site here and wanted some opinions. Before I tell you current I'll give you a quick rundown. 28 years old, this is the 5th cycle. Current weight 205. 12% bf. Previous cycles;
Tren e/test e
Tren A/ test prop x2

Current cycle.....started off 2 weeks ago with 30 mg dbol as a kick start and 500 mg test e. Just started seeing dbol gains and just starting to feel the test creeping. I have liquidex at .5 mg EOD. I just dropped the dbol, as i was feeling a very uncomfortable throbbing pain in my lower gut, even while taking liver support. I just picked up tren e....

I am basically running this now for the remaining 12 weeks.
What opinions can you offer now for the tren e dosage? I wanted to keep the test lower than the tren to limit my sides. I started the test @ 500mgs per week for 2 weeks now, I am going to add tren into the mix, I wanted to run it at at 400mg per week while running the test at 300 mg per week.I am trying to break down due to the longer ester how to run the tren now that the test has a 2 week head start on the tren. If I pin tren at my 400 mg the test would still be higher from the built up amounts pinned the 2 weeks previously. Thoughts? Front load the tren? Also I have caber on hand, and plenty of cialis for the infamous tren dick that is bound to happen lol.