cycle advice on winny


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a friend of mine has been bodybuilding 4 3 years and has seen some great results hes done 2 test only cycles and responded really well he has now spent 6 months cutting and is now weighing in at 210 at 10% hes 6.2 . hes been doing quite alot of mma and would like to do a Winstrol (winny) cycle to give him abit more strength without the massive weight gain ! he is talking about a Winstrol (winny) only cycle im kind of a newbie to Winstrol (winny) but i was under the impression Winstrol (winny) only is not the best idea!
i was hopeing someone could reply with a cycle idea and post cycle therapy (pct) advice do u need an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) with Winstrol (winny)
thanks guys
I would never run winstrol alone. If he is training in MMA he should also worry about the negative impact on the joints and ligaments that some users experience with the drug. I personally would stay away from it if I was him.
How about some Anavar (var) with maybe 250 mg test per week. That will give him the strength without the bloat and won't fuck his joints.