CYCLE help!


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Well bro's, I'm starting my summer cycle in about 3 weeks and would please like some feedback on it!!!

wks 1-10 400mg's test blend
wks 1-7 75mg's tren ED
wks 1-5 25mg's Dbol ED
wks 1-7 100mg's prop per day
wks 4-10 100mg's masterone EOD
wks 8-11 100mg's of Winstrol (winny) ED (injectable)
wks 8-11 100mg's of suspension ED
wks 1-12 injectable b-12 EOD
I have nolvadex, clomid, arimidex, and bromocriptine on hand. Hopefully I can gain 30-40lbs on this. Everything is from BLUE DIAMOND LABS.


I'm kinda rethinking this cycle. Tell me, does this one look better than the first one??

wks 1-3 1400mg's test blend (basically sustenon with added prop content and 30mg's cyp/30mg's enanthate).
wks 1-6 30mg's DBOL ED

wks 4-6 700mg's test blend
wks 4-10 100mg's masterone EOD
wks 4-10 100mg's prop ED
wks 4-10 75mg's tren ED
wks 7-10 100mg's suspension
wks 7-10 100mg's Winstrol (winny) ED
wks 1-16 1mg Arimidex EOD unless more is needed
wks 1-16 B-12 Injections EOD
wks 11-14 200mg clomid ED first week/ 100mg's ED last 3 weeks

This way, I can end the cycle with faster acting esters so I can jump on clomid almost immediately. I'll cut the test blend out in week 6 then switch to suspension weeks 7-10 so I won't go over 1400mg's of test per week. I'll run 700mg's prop and 700mg's suspension each week for the last 4 weeks. I think that it would be better to run the tren with the Winstrol (winny) and the masterone at the same time, I'll look fucking insane...

I am going to eat 500 grams of protein per day along with 6000 calories per day. I'm going to train each body part 2x a week.