cycle modification


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Hey guys, just need a quick "what would you do". I am in week 10 of a deca test cycle, I ran deca for 8 weeks along side with test cyp. I am at the 10 week mark and ran into some bd tren and andropen. The price was right so I stocked up:) I was thinkning of throwing in some tren for the last few weeks, If I do so, I have enough gear to extend my cycle to 16 weeks. Fuck it or go for it?

As for post cycle therapy (pct) I am all stocked up for when needed.
It's up to you man, as long as you rhave all the right things in place I see no reason not to extend it to 16 weks if you like.
I finished the deca at week 8. I have more but its been 2 weeks since my last deca injection.
I won;t bother with the deca, but I will run the tren for the next seix weeks and extend my cycle to 16 weeks. This has been my best cycle so far.