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I have done a dbol only cycle and noticed I had some insomnia. Is this normal? I know how important sleep is and couldn't get more than 5 hours a nite while on cycle. Was this the dbol or something else?
what else are you taking along with the dbol? i'm on my 3rd week of dbol at 30mg/ed along with Sustanon (sust) 250mgs/eod and i sleep just fine.
I LOVE DBOL.....But I couldnt sleep either...and Im talking 2-4hrs at best....Kava Kava and melatonin and valerian root are the key to good sleep...Or xanax if you like the addicytive drugs!:)
I am off the cycle now. I was on dbol only 20-25mg a day and only gained 5lbs in 3 weeks so I stopped. I have since come to the conclusion that if I'm gonna do this I should do it right so I now have some deca and Sustanon (sust). I haven't started yet because I can't quite build up the nerve to inject myself. i was going to start today, but stopped after reading a couple of articles on infection, etc.
Go to spotinjections.com and follow the instructions....wipe the area with alcohol take a breath and inject.....Soon you'll look forward to inject day!:) Good luck..