deca dick?


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i am currently on a cycle of 600mg of test e per week and 300mg of deca per week, i am just finishing up the third week of my cycle and experienced a little problem the other night in the middle of just went completely soft. could this already be the deca kicking in, i figured the 600mg of test would be enough to prevent this. any info is appreciated...jph
most deffinately its happen many time with me i use no viagra or cialis but i up the dose of test and fuck like a race horse ....... your welcome peace jt
In theory, all the test you need is enough to replace your endo test. With the test replacement, it is supposed to be enough to keep the wang up.


That just doesn't work for me. the first time I ran deca, I ran 300mg of deca and 400 test. As it turns out, the test was WAY underdosed. I added another 150mg of test and everything worked out just fine.

Some folks exeperience libido issues with higher doses of test, so who is to say.

If this is your first time ever running deca, I would suggest that this is more than likely a placebo effect, rather than an actual issue. But hey...don't we all want an excuse to run an extra 100mg or so of test? :dance2:

Adding a little test seldom hurts the problem. lol
this is the first time i have run deca, so i have no idea if it was a placebo effect but i didn't like it...i have enough test to run for 14 weeks so i may up the dose a little and cut down to 12 weeks. thanks for the input guys...jph