Deca & Drol bloat control


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Its been a while since I posted on this board.

My next cycle will include test 500mg wk (will use Aromasin) and deca 400mg/wk and have a dbol or drol kick start.
As far as bloat from deca & drol, it has been suggested to me to use HCTZ to help control bloat (and BP).
Does anyone have any experience controlling bloat using HCTZ. Any other suggestions???

Last cycle was test-e 500mg wk, tbol bookends
I have problems with bloat almost solely with test and dbol. Here's what works for me:
25mg Aromasin - EOD
25mg HCTZ - ED
right pumped said:
i'm surprized the aromasin isn't enough
The Aromatase inhibitor (AI) (aromasin) will work with the test as it converts to estrogen, however, it will not work on drol or deca, so since the HTCZ is a mild diuretic (its not potassium sparring) it causes the body to hold less water, hence less bloat. I'm just learning about this my self too.