Deca Durabolin - Shelf Life?


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I am wondering, how long does Deca last? I mean does it expire, I have about 30 cc left in a bottle that I had put away about 2 years ago. Has it gone bad and should be thrown away. How long before it expires?

Thanks for the info guys!!
Usually most expiration dates of injectables are 3 years if stored in the original container....if it was filtered into a sterile vial it probably is still good and will be for a couple of years...but in non sterile conditions the bacteria will break down some of the oil and active hormone. Was it veterinary or human grade?
I would still use it, just sterile filter before use.
Thanks for the reply!

The deca is veterinary grade, a friend went down to mexico and got a few bottles, label is in spanish and gives dosages for horses, sheeps and stuff. It is still in the original bottle and it looks the same to me. The solution looks the same as it did when I removed the aluminum cover from the rubber stopper and drew out the first couple of cc's. If I start injecting it again and it is expired what will it do to me. Any one heard of adverse reactions from using expired stuff?

Thanks again for the info!
I found a few amps of primo left over from a cycle I did in 98 that expired several years ago and I figured what the hell and used them at the begining of my current cycle - can't tell you if they are still as potent (100mg/ml) but they didn't hurt anything, heh...