Test Prop 100mg/ml PIP is a bitch made worse but scar tissue?


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Hey fellas,

Was on 250mg Deca per week and managed to score a fresh Test Prop 100mg/ml homebrew stuff (my buddy was shocked I've never ran prop except for Sust if you wana get technical so gave me one to try)!

Side track to the topic...Will be switching to 200mg Test E with 350mg Deca though, haven't ran Test for over a month now just got Deca in me so the Prop is just a kicker for Test E, will start that very shortly in addition to the Deca! Will be running the Deca at that dose for a further 8 weeks or so and then switching it out for 350mg Test with 350mg EQ and then look at comming off for a few months with hCG starting once the Deca is droped and a few weeks into the EQ and continued for 4 weeks after last shot of Test/EQ then a SERM and bloodwork. Will possibly go to short ester cycle before summer for max 8 weeks most likely a heavy mass one with Test Prop, NPP and Mast (first time trying)! Or do Test E/Deca/Mast/EQ for a twenty weeker in summer after being off for around 5 months and then off again. I'm deciding to stop the blast/cruising style AAS use, going to cycling again instead as it's not needed IMO for my genetics and what I have built already after 7 years!

ANYWAY, took a 100mg shot of Test Prop with 250mg of Deca in the same barrel, all I can say is dam Test Prop does have a nice little PIP to boot, even tho I thought mixing in Deca (EQ would do good too) to try reduce the PIP... however, what my question is, is on scar tissue - My delts have copped a thrashing, 23G mostly 25G in them, in all honesty been overusing them and they will be having a break for a good 6 weeks and maybe a physio to break up some scar tissue. Will be going back to Quads, Glutes and possibly look at breaking the Pec Injection virginnity as I hear it's not that bad and a good spot! ANyway I noticed the past 3 times going into delts, I either hit a nerve and it spasms, or I can feel literally the pin crunching through scar tissue (you vets would know exactly wht I mean)... the gear is all fine, I typically getting PIP even with the Deca, like a knot, but mainly because IMO I think the scar tissue and that pushing the oil into it is both harder than ever lately and it feels almost like to try and describe it best, that I'm just loading my delts up with gear straight into the scar tissue and that is whats causing the little knots, they dissapear after 2 days, no abbcess, no issues at all, no dirty gear, all I can point it down to is this the simple result of injecting into spots with exxcesive scar tissue and is it affecting how the gear is being absorbed?

After the Prop shot in my left delt even "cut" with the Deca, 7 hours later the PIP is pretty big, just a doubel than usual sized muscle knot...

Anyway question im asking is how does scar tissue affect things like absorption, potential excessive PIP, obviously harder to push in the oil in scar tissue... but also if the scar tissue can be actually broken up to some degree with success? ANy exdperiences?

Would love some of the vets opinions on this, theres lots of threads about this topic, but guess what, I'm curious to see what opinions and experiences anyone themselves have had!

I don't understand your cycle at all. Do you think in a cycles span that your body can recognize the switching.
For us old guys could you please next time break up your paragraphs and put your cycle in an outline form Just saying.
Sorry Mikey was half asleep when I wrote it, I'm specifically asking about peoples experience with Test Prop PIP in general especially the 100mg/ml and if adding EQ or Deca in the same barrel really does help reduce PIP , I have only ever ran Mast Prop at 100mg or 150mg I think MWF but the other half of the barrel was loaded with EQ think I tried 600mg EQ per week otop of it, great stack and I don't remember this Mast Prop feeling like shit like all the other times I've tried "Masteron", but my point is I don't remmeber much sting having the Mast Prop mixed in with the EQ, no major PIP at all very smooth. Also, in regards to scar tissue

Secondly am itnerested in hearing how people go with scar tissue from overusing sites (like I said, delts are thrashed and I constantly inject into what feels like scar tissue/crunchy muscle sort of thing) and curious to know what peoples experiences are injecting onto scar tissue and how they have broken it up along with abstaining from scar tissue loaded spos, if that is actually possible.

And while I'm at it, I plan on going back to Quads and Glutes but also want to look into seeing how I go with Chest/Pec injections, anyone here do them, any tips/pointers? The more sites the better especially if I wanna do short ester cycles after this long as cruise I've been doing.

This homebrew is always exactly on dose if not slightly over mainly on long esters... It just so happens to be that both their Tren Ace and Tren Enanthate are both dosed at 100mg/ml which is odd usually a UGL will make 200mg-250mg Tren E, yet 100mg of Tren E of this stuff is always more than enough it's ridiculously strong, the trade off is I pay double the price but here in Aus it's worth paying a little extra knowing that your getting legit stuff). The Tren always comes out like a beautiful, onpoint, absolutely juicy looking amber colour. Copped the Tren cough once from the Acetate, 50mg EOD was too much side wise though and probbaly should have gone ED or added Mast/Dbol (another stack I wanna try with some NPP too)

My deepest apologies if pricing isn't allowed, please remove is so but down here in Aus the standard UGL labs floating around are double if not tripple what you guys in the US get... Damn aussie customs! But all I'm gonna say is for a vial of the wicked homebrew I get costs me not far off what a week of groceries USD would cost... It sucks but you get what you pay for!

cheers, staunched
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Maybe try a smaller needle which I heard a 29G insulin needle might work.Depending on your oil.

I use 25G -3ML inject and oil takes a while to go through so I'm not sure how a 29G would work.

23g into the delt is sort of a big needle.That would be for quads but have used to 20G and you know..the 20G is less painful then the 25G because I can't get the 25G in!...lol

Been Seeing in forums that using NPP-deca into the barrel with the main test helps with PIP since the NPP Acts fast.

If one wants to break up scar tissues in the Delts would be....Exercising it,,massaging it..taking care of it.Cold pack a few days later followed by heat then cold.Massaging it then back to cold/heat cycle.10-20 minute tops.

No Chest or pecs injections,I've seen them in videos and mainly they are for peptides.

I'm a firm believer not to inject so close to the heart or anywhere on the chest.Old School if you ask me.
I no longer use th 23G on delts, unless the oil is super thick, the scar tissue build up doesn't help with pushing the oil in, like extra resitance, if it's winter and the oil is colder it can become more viscious (if it's signifcant compared to summer weather that is), I sometimes use the hairdryer on the syringe to warm it up so it flows easier.

Yeah might try the foam roller or massage ball on my delts to try break it up, my physio said he would be able to break it up somewhat too, but they won't be gettng pinned for a good month if not two with lots of massaging out this scar tissue. Worst case scenario I just have to let time do it's thing and not be wreckless IMHO being lazy and pinning right and left delt lazily using one glute... BAD PRACTICE lol... I have a delt thing when it comes to shot, after all, my first jab was on my trust right delt lmao.

Hmm cheers for your opinion on the chest shots, it does seem a little wierd liek your jabbng your heart I could see that, but I might get some 5/8 25G and give it a whirl... who knows I may find it becomes two new injection site, or it could be a no go for me! WOuld love to hear some other opinions on CHest shots if anyone has any pointers
Test prop is known to burn. I've had prop that hurt so bad I dreaded doing my shots regardless of what I mixed it with.

If you get it from a good ugl with plenty of experience like Euro-Pharm their products have zero pip even their test prop. Also I'm pretty sure they ship to your country and from the sounds of what your paying they are way cheaper also.
Euro-Pham is some of the best gear available.

If you lay off your delts for a few months the scar tissue will dissipate for the most part.

I have a major issue with it in my right glute at the moment. It's a fucked up feeling when ya feel the needle go through it. That pop pop pop feeling like leather under the skin. I actually have permanent cysts in a couple spots on my glutes from way over doing the same spots when I was younger.

The gear will still work fine using the spots with scar tissue but with so many other options for injection sites why not let your delts heal up for a while?

Also you will be fine injecting into your pecs you can use a 25 guage one inch or a 5/8 just go in an an angle as if your going across your pec not straight in towards your ribs. I was nervous the first time injecting my pecs but it isn't so bad.

Good luck!!!!
It depends on where you get your test prop from. I've had some so unbearable I threw it away.
It depends on where you get your test prop from. I've had some so unbearable I threw it away.

Amen to that!!!!

I remember back in the day all the different brands of prop I ever get my hands on hurt like a mother effer!!! I remember barely being able to use my arm after delt injections from prop, or having to favor one side of my ass to sit on. I definitely do not miss those days.
I've always found even the best, smoothest test prop will always leave you with a little soreness. My quads were super sensative to Prop..I had hard time squating a day or two after pinning (with 5/8 - 25g).. but you should never have hot spots or lumps.

Do you warm it before pinning?? I toss the vial in small pot of boiling water (enough so water lever isn't more than 1/2 or 3/4 way up vial) for a few minutes. Warming it always made pinning much easier and less painful with prop.

Regarding shoulders.. I only pinned quads and my left shoulder throughout my lifetime.. And now that I'm older, man.. my shoulder really feels chewed up. I never injured it either. Just pinning for 20 years off and on and getting old..

So be gentle brother. Getting old is a bitch.. If your shoulder's fucked up already.. don't mess with it. Start pinning glutes more.

AND we established ST.47 s cycles are UNORTHODOX on any planet so I will answer the q at hand.
Mixing prop w other s drug s does seem to lessen the impact much as cutting a shot of teguila w anything else does.
I use the same pin, 5/8 25 g. , in my quads then quads then a delt but rarely as they re so subject to injury or pain anyway.
HOWEVER..I never pin more than a 1 cc per spot as hitting fat free quads and delt s CAN leave an occasional lump that last s for 2 day s to a week and the pain fades after day 2. I will swap spots if I go over say 1.25 ml s. Prop pain ?=YES, of course; nature of that particular ester or the suspension oil with some being worse than other s but it s always a wee bit disconcerting.
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This Quote , Question
I'm specifically asking about peoples experience with Test Prop PIP in general especially the 100mg/ml and if adding EQ or Deca in the same barrel really does help reduce PIP

^^^The only time I have ever ha a problem with severe PIP was from a strong batch of Test 400. MY PIP from Prop has to do with what lab I use.

I mixed the T400 with Deca 1/2 and 1/2 and it helped greatly.

In reference to injections into the Pectoral muscle it's a good location. Your heart is a long way from the top and of the pectoral muscle to the heart. You aren't going to hit anything but pure muscle with a 23G 1" needle.
When I discovered how painless my delts were I started abusing them too. I had to give them a few months off before it stopped feeling like I was pushing the needle through gravel.

Now I've been injecting prop daily for over a year. I use 29gauge slin pins most of the time and that makes it easier. I still try to not hit the same shoulder more than once a week but it really doesn't give me much trouble anymore
just my 2 cents on this, but ive always used 25g 1-1.5in for all my pins. i just yesterday tried 29g 1/2in slin pin in my shoulder and im trying to figure out why i hadnt done it sooner!!
i shot test E and deca and the actual injection went smoother than any ive done in the past. im hook on the slin pin train from here out!!
Slin pins are the shit. Pecs, VG, quads, delts and tri's. about the only time I don't use them now is when I have more than 1cc to inject.

They are a bitch with some of the thicker oils but you can backload them if your in a hurry.
Who is getting old at age 41 :dunno:

Getting old at 41 is a bitch , unkazral ?? I would give so much to be young at 41 again.

I hate to admit it man, but yeah, feeling old man. It's clear as day, I'm no longer invincible. For whatever reason my body has been more "vocal" about it these past few years. Bright side is that I feel much smarter. And I take pride in not living in denial.
I hate to admit it man, but yeah, feeling old man. It's clear as day, I'm no longer invincible. For whatever reason my body has been more "vocal" about it these past few years. Bright side is that I feel much smarter. And I take pride in not living in denial.

I hate the view living on the banks of the River Da Nial ; age is a number true and I find myself going to the gym w a w-o in mind and having to say--
"Woah...wait...THAT hurt ! Ok. Chest will be backward s today w iso movements culminating in compounds movements"
It s rare I can squat 315 plus for rep s more than 2 a month so...WE Go, and we DO WHAT WE CAN. Being a borderline addict manic rude racist prick prone to outbursts....it s integral to kik own my ass b4 some brother does is for me. Not going is not an option. The gym food gear my Audi pussy ALL are 2nd to my kid...those are my addictions.
Die Haupsache---(the important thing is)...go. ED. For 60-90 ms with aerobics AND injuries dictating what I am gonna do how and for long. Some day s I m so creaky I ll do calve s and forearms and yes...my quarterly ab sessions. And aero s work the 2 most important muscles of ALL. My black heart and my cock. The rest is just----a side effect.

My delt s are so close to needing med attention I m phasing them out of the rotation jus cuz. They are bio mechanical miracles ; incredibly complex and SO powerful but ridiculously e z to hurt. CV joint s in a 90 degree turn at 22 pd s boost...and my shoulders are poppin...
I m pinning outer quads upper quads and my dick as--scar tissue s easier to build than size.
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I hate to admit it man, but yeah, feeling old man. It's clear as day, I'm no longer invincible. For whatever reason my body has been more "vocal" about it these past few years. Bright side is that I feel much smarter. And I take pride in not living in denial.

So you got it right. If you were / are in good shape as I was things didn't really start to go down until after 63 so you have a lot of time. I will suggest this, if you want to last your lifetime ya gotta start avoiding the real overloads sets. The real heavy sets. You can reach failure with a little less weight.

We're all not beasts like my friend Teut... :).
I fixed the error with Teut's name
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You can reach failure with a little less weight..
...along with ...
We're all not beasts like my friend Tuet... :).

I agree 100% ^^^.. with everything.

Starting a few years back, I got more focused on stricter diet (really thanks to this site--& reading 3J testimonials..lol), only blasting moderate (at most) weight for higher reps, & doing more resistance training than I use to. And I have to say... ever since the switch, I don't typically wake up the next day after working out, feeling like an old car on a cold frosty morning.

In this aspect, lifting is like partying, hitting it hard and heavy is a young mans game.
WE Go, and we DO WHAT WE CAN.
Die Haupsache---(the important thing is)...go.

"Do what we want" & "Do what we can".. separated by insanity & denial.

Just "go" and keep going because, yes, sometimes ignorance can be bliss.
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