Deca Only Cycle. Let me know my brothers!


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Will plan on taking deca 400 mg per week only. I know i should take test with all, and i know my lady fans won't be happy if i get deca dick, but how are the gains. and if i should expect lethargy, tiredness and so forth, if only on deca. Thanks for input my brothers!
Economan, here is one of my lady fans, don't tell her i put this up! She would be pissed and probably stop swallowing.
Everyone is going to tell you to throw in test. If this is your first cycle, why not go with 400 mg Test Enan for 10 weeks.
If deca is all you got, then that's all you got.

I'd guess you'd grow fine on 400mg/wk of deca for a first cycle
I would wait until you get some other stuff. Namely, test or some d-bol. What are your goals. Mass, cuts, limp dick, fitness geek or what. Please lets us know and we can better help you out. I would run the following:

Weeks 1-5 40mg of D-bol
1-12 500mgs of test (any kind will do: Enth., cyp., sust., ect)
1-12 400mg of deca
11-12 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 1000ius per day for 10 days
13-15 clomid
twoman2000 why take the chances of getting Deca dick when you have fine lady friends like the one above!:D

Very nice indeed!
There is nothing wrong with doing a deca only cycle for your first cycle. Thats what I did, and I had good results.
The advice sounds good, i guess my main goal is to gt some weight off (fat loss) since i, goin to las vegas in 7 weeks and prefer to be a lean mean sex machine. Would like some abs to come out. So i'm doin cardio, eating right, just need something to speed it along. Just coming off 10 week cycle of Sustanon (sust), and deca. So very bloated to a point. So want to lean up. I want to stay away from Winny.